Football Party Essentials We’re Not Mad At

chip and dip
Look, we can endure love a football party just like the next person but we could do without the tacky party accessories -- ahem, paper plates and team-everything? Yes, show your pride, but instead of getting the Patriots or Seahawks' logos printed on ever-y-thing, make the adult choice and pick cloth (yes, cloth) napkins in your team... read more

New Year’s Resolution! Enjoy These 8 Good-for-You Recipes in 2015

Roasted Salmon with Avocado Grapefruit Salsa
We all vow to eat better when the new year rolls around. But instead of just thinking about about all the foods you shouldn't be eating or fitting in food that you're not usually a fan of, picture yourself enjoying everything you eat. And the key is preparing your plates with the right ingredients that... read more

7 Clever Ideas to Reuse Wrapping Paper


Once you've torn through the stack of presents on Christmas morning, you're likely left swimming in a sea of wrapping paper scraps. If you're in the camp that feels wasteful to use so much paper for only a night, you're in luck -- from seasonal accents to year-round home decor, here are seven ways to reinvent the...

read more

Happy 2015! Your New Year's Eve Survival Guide

2015 new years eve party pack
Get ready for the New Year! Here's a couple of tips for a fabulous fete, tasty treats and what's trending for 2015. Add something more to your New Years party and DIY Glittery Party Packs for all of your guests. Target Home Style Expert (and self-proclaimed party animal), Emily... read more

Cookbook Crave: Time for Holiday Cheer

Holiday Cheer Cookbook Cover
These cookie-cutter classics are pure happiness in every bite.  Easy to make, you can whip them up now as a last-minute addition to your holiday party, or make them as a hostess gift. They may be tried-and-true treats, but we promise they'll stand out on the dessert table. Holiday Oatmeal Cookies A mixture between traditional... read more

Cookbook Crave: You'll Favor These Kosher Sweets

Decorated Brownie Bites
Delicious pies, tarts and cookies galore are in the Holiday Kosher Baker cookbook that shines a festive spotlight on specialties like Honey-Cake Biscotti, Cheese Danishes and Cranberry-Orange Scones, all while explaining kosher baking do's and don'ts. Here are some of our other favorites. Apple Pizza Tart We're not so sure how apple and... read more

The Perfect New Year's Eve Party Pack You Can DIY

2015 new years eve party pack
By Lauren Kelp There is nothing like ringing in the New Year with friends and throwing a party at home is a great way to celebrate without all the stress of going out. For a fun addition to your New Year’s Eve bash, we think DIY festive packets for each of your guests is a... read more

Emily Henderson's Secrets for Throwing a Fabulous NYE Bash

turquoise credenza cocktail partyPhoto: Jayme Burrows
In the final stretch of holiday party season, there is the ubiquitous New Year’s Eve party. Skip the crowds and throw a fabulous bash for your favorite people this year. To help you pull it off with ease, we asked Target Home Style Expert, Emily Henderson, for her must-do tips. "I love hosting a NYE... read more

So What's for Breakfast After the Holiday Parties Are Over?

Red Velvet Waffles
Holiday dinners are over-the-top, crazy delicious meals shared with countless family members. But the morning after the rush of celebrations is when you and your S.O. recuperate -- by yourselves! Since we know you're still going to wake up hungry, no matter how much you've stuffed yourselves, here are 6 hit-the-spot meals you'll really want... read more

8 Epic Appetizers for Your New Year's Eve Party!

Crispy Mushroom Burratas Crostini
The celebration of the year deserves party food that can stand up to the hype. End 2014 and start 2015 on an epic food note -- we know that's how you do it! Hot Bacon and Mushroom Dip Mmmm, bacon. The best way to serve this dip is hot with crackers or crostini... read more
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