These 5 Eco-Friendly Celeb Homes Will Make You Green (With Envy!)

Yes, lowering your water consumption and using energy-efficient lightbulbs are good ways to go green in your home today for Earth Day — but on the off chance that you have millions of dollars in your bank account, making your pad into an eco-friendly haven could be an option. We’ve rounded up five of our favorite green celebrity homes (including an estate on an island) to show what some serious cash can do for the environment.


Photo: NY Daily News
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Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen

You may remember Tom and Gisele's overly colossal LA pad being on the market for $50 million, but maybe that's due in part to the pad having solar energy panels and fancy energy-efficient appliances.

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Cozy-Up with Your Lover and Go Glamping at Coachella


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Best April Fools’ Day Pranks to Pull Off Today

april fools day pranks
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Treat Your Pooch To One Of These Unbelievable Doghouses On National Puppy Day

Sometimes, man’s best friend deserves a little more than a bone on National Puppy Day. We know that dog lovers looooove to spoil their pups on the daily, but are they ready to give their dog a home that may come with a bigger mortgage than their own?

We’ve rounded up five of the most luxurious pieces of puppy real estate we’ve ever seen for your viewing pleasure — but if your dog isn’t part of the 1%, it may not be in your best interest to show the pictures to him or her for jealousy’s sake. A bone or a stylish new sweater will do just fine.

Photo: Instagram
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Colonial Doghouse

If your pup has an affinity for the fine arts and reading, perhaps a doghouse with Colonial architecture would be a good choice.

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6 Sweet Ways to Make the Most Out of Pi(e) Day

Math nerds and dessert fanatics rejoice, because March 14th marks National Pi Day! Okay, okay…so technically the holiday celebrates 3.14159. And as much as I appreciate a good mathematical constant, it’s much easier to celebrate today’s holiday in a more literal sense. So put down that protractor and bust out your pie pan; because the only thing you need to calculate is how many slices you can inhale before you need to go lie down.

pie recipes
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Traditional Apple Pie

Make things even sweeter by adding a scoop of plain 'ole vanilla ice cream.

Get the Recipe

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spring break alternatives
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