8 Celebs to Follow on Instagram for Decor Eye Candy

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Don't have the time to pore over design blogs (wouldn't that be nice?) Get a daily dose of gorgeous by following these eight celebs on Instagram for some serious home decor inspiration. Lauren Conrad Not only does Lauren have cat eyes and top knots down, but her textile weave choices are also gorge. Gwyneth Paltrow Say what... read more

New Housewares Will Add Color to How You Eat, Drink & Cook

We just returned from the International Housewares Show in Chicago and after taking in thousands of new products, we’re comfortable saying that we have a colorful year ahead of us. Ideal for Millennials setting up their new abodes, these new releases from trusted housewares brands are creating multifunctional, lively home must-haves.

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For the well-known beverage company’s 70th anniversary, a limited edition collection was created using colorblocked Pantone colors for ultimate pop. From coffee makers to teapots, travel mugs and glassware, this classic brand is creating a stir with covetable colors. The commemorative collection will be available in stores through the end of the year.

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8 Easy March Madness Snacks to Make Before Game Time

Forget spring — with March Madness officially in full swing, it seems like everyone is too busy overanalyzing their brackets to think about anything other than who’s advancing to the next round. So while you’ve been busy picking teams and weighing your odds of winning the billion-dollar bracket, I’ve rounded up eight super-easy snacks to serve to your game day guests. Because there’s no ‘i’ in team (but there’s definitely one in appetizer).

march madness appetizers
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Lime-Marinated Chicken Wings

If you're bored of plain 'ole buffalo wings, serve this kicked-up chicken wing and guac combo.

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6 Sweet Ways to Make the Most Out of Pi(e) Day

Math nerds and dessert fanatics rejoice, because March 14th marks National Pi Day! Okay, okay…so technically the holiday celebrates 3.14159. And as much as I appreciate a good mathematical constant, it’s much easier to celebrate today’s holiday in a more literal sense. So put down that protractor and bust out your pie pan; because the only thing you need to calculate is how many slices you can inhale before you need to go lie down.

pie recipes
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Traditional Apple Pie

Make things even sweeter by adding a scoop of plain 'ole vanilla ice cream.

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New Bacon App from Oscar Mayer Will Change Your Mornings

Like the Cronut? Then You’ll Love This New Dessert

New Bacon App from Oscar Mayer Will Change Your Morning

Photo: Wake Up And Smell The Bacon
Photo: Wake Up And Smell The Bacon
Wake up and smell the...bacon? If roses aren't your thing (but breakfast food is), then the folks behind Oscar Mayer plan on making your mornings a whole lot easier. The company just released a new app (fittingly called Wake Up and Smell the Bacon) along with an iPhone "dongle", which will revolutionize your morning routine.... read more

Like the Cronut? Then You’ll Love This New Dessert

If you were crazy enough to stand in line outside of the famous Dominique Ansel Bakery in NYC at ungodly hours of the morning to snag a Cronut; the famed French pastry chef has yet another genius invention for your sweet tooth. This time, Dominique is straying from the flaky, warm croissant-donut hybrid and giving... read more

Want to Give Up Something for Lent? Say No to These 5 Foods

foods for lent promoPhoto: Anita Calero / The Nest
With Lent beginning on March 5th, it's almost impossible not to give up something for the next 40 days. But if you can't stop binge-watching Scandal and refuse to give up your Gilt password, it might just be better to pass on certain snacks until Easter rolls around. Make it through Lent (and test out... read more

2 Easy Ways to Celebrate National Pancake Day

Sweet Potato Pancakes: Tupelo Honey Cafe / TheNest.comTupelo Honey Cafe
Thanks to today being National Pancake Day, you don't technically need an excuse to binge on your favorite fluffy breakfast food. From peach butter to a pancake-making solution that's literally easy as pie, try these filling recipes for breakfast, dinner or anywhere in between.

Sweet Potato Pancakes with Peach Butter and Spiced... read more

5 Ways to Throw a Pinterest-Perfect Mardi Gras Party

Mardi Gras is upon us; meaning plenty of celebration and an obnoxious amount of food before Lent is a must. Throw the perfect Fat Tuesday party on March 4 with some of our favorite party picks below — including creative cakes, cocktails and savory treats. (No beads necessary.)

Mardi Gras recipes
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Mardi Gras Munchies

To add a sweet treat to your menu, try pretzels topped with purple, green and yellow chocolate for a pop of color.

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4 Pizzas Ellen Should Have Served at the Oscars

homemade pizza recipesPhoto: My Recipes
Thanks to Ellen's impromptu pizza party at the Oscars last night, we all learned a little something about our favorite A-listers. (Mainly, that J.Law isn't afraid of a little grease and Julia Roberts prefers plain cheese.) But while we were busy drooling over the thought of a 10 p.m. pizza binge, we couldn't... read more
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