Comfort Cooking: Mouthwatering Mashed Potatoes

homemade mashed potatoes recipe
When it comes to comfort food, nothing's more indulgent than a huge bowl of homemade mashed potatoes. Practice this no-fail side dish for a fall favorite that'll have you going back for a second (or third) helping: Serves: 4 What You'll Need: 5 lbs. Yukon Potatoes 1 cup of butter (2... read more

Seasonal Sipper: An Orange-Maple Whiskey Cocktail

Put a new twist on the Old Fashioned with this orange-maple whiskey cocktail recipe: What You'll Need: Whiskey Maple Syrup Orange bitters Orange wedge (for garnish) Splash of club soda Ice Step 1: Measure out 2 tablespoons of syrup and add it to a lowball glass along with 2... read more

Instant Expert: Bok Choy Basics

bok choy etsy print
Photo: Stephanie Kunze/Society6
Trust us when we say it's the one veggie you're definitely not eating enough of. Here, we share the bok choy basics you need to know: What it is: A leafy type of cabbage with green leaves and white stems. Even though it kind of resembles celery, bok choy is much more versatile... read more

15 Minutes With Stephanie Le of I Am a Food Blog

Steph Le I Am a Food Blog
Stephanie Le didn't plan on becoming a food blogger. That is, until the Vancouver-based newlywed decided to cook her way through the entire Momofuku cookbook back in 2010.What resulted was I am a Food Blog -- Le's collection of crazy-good homemade recipes with a twist (including a salt and... read more

Fall Eats: The Perfect Pecan Pie

homemade pecan pie recipe
Now that you've mastered both apple and pumpkin, it only makes sense to move on to a classic pecan pie recipe, no? Show off those new found baking skills with this traditional Thanksgiving favorite: Makes: One 9-inch pie What You'll Need: One 9-inch store-bought pie dough (or go the... read more

3 Cozy Fall Eats Made Healthy

healthy paleo slow cooker chicken recipe
With fall in full swing, it's easy to indulge in every cold-weather comfort food you come across on Pinterest. (After all, swimsuit season isn't until next year.) But if you're looking for good-for-you meals minus the guilt, then we found the perfect fall cookbook. With plenty of fill-you-up fall recipes scattered... read more

A Sweet Potato Casserole That's a Snap

sweet potato casserole recipe
Stressing over your holiday menu? (Hello, Thanksgiving's coming up a lot faster than you'd like to admit.) Serve up this easy, homemade sweet potato casserole for a side dish even your in-laws will love: What You'll Need: For the Sweet Potato Filling: 2 15-ounce cans cut sweet potatoes, drained (or 3... read more

3 Desserts That Taste Better When "Waffled"

Will it Waffle? recipes
Nothing beats a homemade breakfast, but let's face it -- you haven't touched that brand-new waffle iron since you were gifted it at the wedding. Make the most of that barely-used registry item by mixing up one of these three desserts in a -- you guessed it -- waffle maker: Waffled Banana Bread... read more

15 Minutes With the Healthiest Food Blogger Around

skinnytaste cookbook
It's hard enough to make healthy food taste good, but somehow Skinnytaste creator Gina Homolka makes good-for-you dinners look downright indulgent. To celebrate the release of her new (and first!) book, we sat down with the New York-based food blogger for a quick fifteen minutes: How did you get your start in becoming... read more

Instant Expert: The Scoop on Saffron

dried saffron
Photo: Thinkstock
We dish on the secrets behind the most expensive spice in the world: What it is: A reddish-orange stigma from the saffron crocus plant that's known for its ability to add both flavor and color to everyday meals. You can find it in either powdered or thread form, but it'll cost you, since saffron is... read more