Instant Expert: 7 Foods You’re Probably Mispronouncing

French Fries Etsy Print
Photo: TheFoilFactory / Etsy
Know that one pretentious friend of yours who insists she knows everything (um, except for that time she forgot your birthday)? Yeah, even she's probably incorrectly saying some of these words. Prove that even if you can't make dinner without setting off the smoke detector, you can definitely pronounce these foods the right way. read more

Your Next Drink Needs to Be a Dirty Little Secret

The James Hotel Jimmy Bar
If a dish or drink is made with an unusual ingredient, you bet I'm game to try it. Enter the Dirty Little Secret cocktail from the Jimmy -- a rooftop bar on the 18th floor of The James Hotel in NYC. I took one look at the bar's drink menu and was sold... read more

Crazy-Easy Whiskey Sours

the nest whiskey sour recipe
Your go-to whiskey cocktail just got upgraded to a highball glass. Ditch the sour mix and shake up your own at home. What You'll Need (makes 1 drink): 6 oz. fresh-squeezed lemon juice (from 6 to 8 medium-sized lemons) 2 oz. whiskey 1 tablespoon of agave or honey Step 1:... read more

8 Cool Finds for French Lovers, Just Like Newlyweds Brangelina

The most unattractive couple (kidding!) on the planet finally tied the knot! After eight years of playing house, the genetically blessed, picture-perfect, philanthropic duo (they're gorgeous AND nice) Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt said "I do" at their palace-slash-winery chateau in Provence. Even though I had to unfortunately decline their wedding invitation with regret, I... read more

Instant Expert: Drinks Are Better with Bitters

Handmade Etched Bitters Bottle
Photo: LibationLab / Etsy
Believe it or not, Ryan Gosling turned me on to bitters. Okay, technically it was his character Jacob in Crazy, Stupid, Love – remember that scene (you know you do) when he tries to woo Emma Stone with those fancy-looking cocktails? I watched that and immediately wondered what where those interesting-looking drops he used? Something... read more

The Classic Cheeseburger You Will Crave on Labor Day

how to make the perfect burgerPhoto: Karen Cohen
The heat is definitely on when it's Labor Day and you're throwing the party. But you can handle those hungry guests -- no problem with this juicy and classic cheeseburger, done in five quick steps! Pass the spatula -- you've got this. What you’ll need for 4 burgers: 1.5 pounds ground chuck beef (contains 20%... read more

4 OITNB-Themed Cocktails to Entertain Yourself During the Emmys

oranges and cream punch recipePhoto: The Southern Tailgating Cookbook
We know you're going to be all crazy-eyed watching the Emmys tonight, rooting for, um, Orange is the New Black of course. As much as you secretly love Frank Underwood, you'd much rather dedicate a post-work cocktail to your girl Piper. Show your support by mixing up one of these orange-flavored drinks, sit back and... read more

Instant Expert: Get a Grip on the Paring Knife

paring knife how to
Photo: Victorinox
If you've been using a steak knife for peeling apples and onions, you're lucky you haven't sliced your finger, girl. It's time to get a paring knife. Just a small knife, it's the least intimidating of kitchen cutlery. Get an edge up in the kitchen: You do need to use more than flatware to prep... read more

What’s Hot: Surprise Party Guests With This Before-Dinner Drink

claudette citron recipe

I hit up my neighborhood’s newest hot spot, Claudette, to see what all the buzz was about. (It’s mobbed during all opening hours!) This charming little Provencal restaurant (look how cute it is!) has a great bar menu that offers up a tasty list of aperitifs, not to mention so much rosé (my...

read more

The 101: Seriously Good Sangria Made Extremely Simple

sangria recipe how-toPhoto: Sarah Love / The Nest
Let's face it: Is there really such a thing as bad sangria? (Exactly!) But even okay doesn't cut it -- it's gotta be good. To get your sip on, we're showing you how to mix up this summer staple in under 15 minutes.   What you'll need: 2 cups of fresh... read more