Ashley Oerman

Originally From: Eldridge, IA. Now a Midwesterner with new New York flair. My Favorite Beauty Products Are: L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara and Moroccanoil serum. One Thing I Would Never Leave Home Without : A map. I'm always lost. The Post I Look Forward to Writing the Most: shoe porn. The Words I Live By: fake it 'til you make it! My Twitter: @ashleyoerman.

6 Cringe-Worthy Date Night Disasters (+ Share Your Own!)

You've heard the saying You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince -- well, sometimes you also have to date 'em too.  For fun, we asked our readers to dish on their worst-ever dates. From a guy who couldn’t get over his ex to a wealthy cheapskate, these jaw-dropping tales will... read more

4 Silly Shopping Mistakes (& How to Ditch ‘Em)

Ever shop on your phone while you're waiting in line? Turns out you're making a mistake--and it can cost you big, says Sarika Doshi, CEO and co-founder of, a new site that simplifies searching for the best fashion and beauty products. Here, Doshi offers the scoop on other silly shopping habits to ditch... read more

Chic ‘n’ Colorful Home Decor Under $100 (Some Under $10!)

Make your pad look like a million bucks, even on a tight budget! Peep our fave home accessories--and tell us which ones you like! "Red Petals" by Jan Weiss, $30- 48, Foo Dogs (set of 2), $58, Bormioli Rocco Bottles, $10 each, Casablanca... read more

6 Ways to Enjoy National Grilled Cheese Month (YUM)!

Break out the tomato soup, because  it's National Grilled Cheese Month! Celebrate this comfort food staple, which has always had a special place in our hearts (and on our plates), by trying one of these yummy grilled cheese recipes: Pulled Pork and Beer Cheese Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Source: read more

Twenty ’90s Trends We Miss

Ever wonder whatever happened to Johnathan Taylor Thomas, mood rings or Giga Pets? We're getting nostalgic. Here are 20 of our favorite trends from the best  decade of our lives. Enjoy. More Must-Clicks: Our Favorite Funny Moments from Kristin Wiig Who Shouldn't be Doing Your Makeup TGIF: Gangnam Style read more

5 Beauty Product Swaps for Spring (#4 Is Especially Important!)

There's more to spring cleaning than getting rid of the old (and, let's face it, gross) stuff in your house. It's also time to update your makeup bag! Check out the beauty swaps you need to make right now: Your Foundation That heavy foundation that kept your skin super-hydrated all winter long will... read more

5 Fresh Easter Egg Decorating Ideas to Try Tonight!

Thanks to our friends on Pinterest, we've discovered some gorgeous new ways to decorate Easter eggs! From swirly patterns to strands of sequins, these special designs turn the typical pastel-painted Easter egg into a festive brunch centerpiece. Lace Patterned Easter Eggs Source: Get the Instructions Chalkboard Easter Eggs... read more

When to Replace Your Makeup (Mascara, for Example, Only Lasts Two Months!)

Let's be honest: many of us don't replace our makeup until it looks past its prime. But, in many cases, it probably expired months earlier, says celeb makeup artist Nikki Robinson. Once your mascara is cakey, you're more likely to get breakouts or an infection, because its anti-bacterial properties have gone bad. Make sure... read more

Kosher Brownies to Matzo Pizza: 6 Yummy Passover Recipes

Hey, there's nothing wrong with the traditional Gifilte fish -- but perhaps you're looking for some fresh Passover meal ideas this year? We've got you covered! From matzo pizza to Kosher brownies, these delish dishes will spice up your holiday meal while still following the rules of Pesach. Charoset Source: read more

7 All-Star Recipes for March Madness

The key to making your March Madness get-together a success? Great food! So we're kicking off the season of nonstop basketball with seven slam-dunk appetizers that all of your guests will love (yes, even the ones who picked winners based on uniform colors). Get the recipes: Beef and Blue Cheese Crostini Source: read more
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