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Crazy-Easy Whiskey Sours

the nest whiskey sour recipe
Your go-to whiskey cocktail just got upgraded to a highball glass. Ditch the sour mix and shake up your own at home. What You'll Need (makes 1 drink): 6 oz. fresh-squeezed lemon juice (from 6 to 8 medium-sized lemons) 2 oz. whiskey 1 tablespoon of agave or honey Step 1:... read more

Instant Expert: Drinks Are Better with Bitters

Handmade Etched Bitters BottlePhoto: LibationLab / Etsy
Believe it or not, Ryan Gosling turned me on to bitters. Okay, technically it was his character Jacob in Crazy, Stupid, Love – remember that scene (you know you do) when he tries to woo Emma Stone with those fancy-looking cocktails? I watched that and immediately wondered what where those interesting-looking drops he used? Something... read more

4 OITNB-Themed Cocktails to Entertain Yourself During the Emmys

oranges and cream punch recipePhoto: The Southern Tailgating Cookbook
We know you're going to be all crazy-eyed watching the Emmys tonight, rooting for, um, Orange is the New Black of course. As much as you secretly love Frank Underwood, you'd much rather dedicate a post-work cocktail to your girl Piper. Show your support by mixing up one of these orange-flavored drinks, sit back and... read more

Instant Expert: Get a Grip on the Paring Knife

paring knife how toPhoto: Victorinox
If you've been using a steak knife for peeling apples and onions, you're lucky you haven't sliced your finger, girl. It's time to get a paring knife. Just a small knife, it's the least intimidating of kitchen cutlery. Get an edge up in the kitchen: You do need to use more than flatware to prep... read more

The 101: Seriously Good Sangria Made Extremely Simple

sangria recipe how-toPhoto: Sarah Love / The Nest
Let's face it: Is there really such a thing as bad sangria? (Exactly!) But even okay doesn't cut it -- it's gotta be good. To get your sip on, we're showing you how to mix up this summer staple in under 15 minutes.   What you'll need: 2 cups of fresh... read more

Instant Expert: Sriracha, Huh?

Sriracha bottlePhoto: Etsy
You’ve probably seen the signature red and green squeeze bottles of Sriracha just about everywhere. Here are the spicy details you need to know. First off, what is it? Aside from sugar, salt and vinegar, this thick "rooster sauce" gets its heat from sun-ripened chilies and a whole lot of garlic. (You can thank the... read more

5 Summer Desserts You Can Eat Without the Guilt

strawberry ice cream sandwichPhoto: The Nest
You know the moment when you find yourself standing in front of an open freezer contemplating how long it will take to inhale that entire pint of Ben and Jerry's? We've all been there. And since everyone deserves a little post-dinner pick-me-up without feeling completely awful afterwards, I found five summer desserts you can enjoy... read more

6 Meals You Should Know How to Make By Now

eggplant parmesan recipePhoto: The Nest
It's time to stop thinking of those turkey sandwiches and microwaved soups as actual food. Turn your go-to dinners into grown-up meals with these new takes on the classics: A Rise-and-Shine Breakfast: Grand Marnier French Toast with Strawberries For those mornings when you can’t stand to look at – let alone stomach – another bowl of... read more

Relationship Advice the New Bachelor Needs to Know

the new bachelorPhoto: ABC
While we all impatiently await the announcement of the season 19 Bachelor, I got to thinking about a few relationship pointers the new guy definitely needs. Even though it may seem easy (let's be honest, 25 single women throwing themselves at you isn't hard), the new Bachelor could benefit from these basic reality-TV romance tips:... read more

6 Great Guy Traits That Are Now Super-Annoying

Photo: ThinkstockPhoto: Thinkstock
Ever feel so annoyed with your spouse that you don’t know where to start? Don’t get me wrong, it’s not as if you don’t appreciate your partner. But it is amusing to think that his once-endearing qualities now have the ability to drive you up the wall. (Remember when you actually thought his off-key singing... read more