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Man Crush Monday: 5 Celebs We’d Rather See in ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

50 shades of grey trailer
If you're anything like me, then last week's reveal of the newest Fifty Shades of Grey trailer left you feeling...underwhelmed. I don't know about you, but after investing two weeks reading the trilogy and spending months waiting for the preview; I was kind of hoping the movie would actually live up to all the hype.... read more

7 Clues Your Pet is Ruining Your Relationship

couple playing with catPhoto: Shutterstock
Sure, bringing home a pet can bring you and your partner closer -- but sometimes that new pooch can wreak havoc on your relationship: As bad as it sounds, sometimes you’d much rather cuddle up to your cat than your husband. After all, she could care less if you leave crumbs in the bed. (And... read more

10 Signs You’re Both Turning Into the Same Person

couple goofing offPhoto: Shutterstock
There’s no better feeling than being so comfortable with your partner that you’re free to show off your true colors – even if said colors are your blue and grey sweats you immediately throw on whenever he whispers sweet nothings like “Netflix” and “fro-yo”. But to be completely honest, there’s the inevitable point in any... read more

The Best Mint Julep You’ll Ever Have (Just in Time for the Kentucky Derby)

In honor of this weekend's Kentucky Derby festivities, we got Colin Spoelman, Co-Founder and Master Distiller of The Kings County Distillery, to spill on just what makes the perfect mint julep. Hint: It's definitely not a blender: One weekend when I was in college, I was tasked with making mint juleps. It was... read more

Why You and Your Partner Should #GetCovered This Weekend

health insurance coverage 2014Photo: Thinkstock
Sure, you and your partner talk about everything -- from House of Cards recaps to how you really feel about your sister-in-law. But how often do you two discuss what's most important...your health? TheNest.com and our sister sites TheBump.com and TheKnot.com have partnered up with The White House to raise awareness... read more

7 Get-It-Together Things You Have to Do This Week

get it together checklistPhoto: Mark Lund / The Nest
With spring finally settling in, it’s officially time to get your to-do list in order. Get it together with these cleaning and organizing tricks that’ll have you turning over a new leaf in no time. 1. Sign Up for Health Insurance Still waiting to check this must-have off of your to-do list? Better get going,... read more

8 Easy March Madness Snacks to Make Before Game Time

march-madness-appetizersPhoto: David Land / The Nest
Forget spring -- with March Madness officially in full swing, it seems like everyone is too busy overanalyzing their brackets to think about anything other than who's advancing to the next round. So while you've been busy picking teams and weighing your odds of winning the billion-dollar bracket, I've rounded up eight super-easy snacks to... read more

6 Sweet Ways to Make the Most Out of Pi(e) Day

pie recipesPhoto: Levi Brown / The Nest
Math nerds and dessert fanatics rejoice, because March 14th marks National Pi Day! Okay, okay...so technically the holiday celebrates 3.14159. And as much as I appreciate a good mathematical constant, it's much easier to celebrate today's holiday in a more literal sense. So put down that protractor and bust out your pie pan; because the... read more

6 Glam Cocktails to Shake Up for the 2014 Oscars

oscar party cocktails
Okay, okay -- so maybe your Sunday best for this weekend's Academy Awards doesn't include a custom-made Dior gown. But that doesn't mean you can't celebrate the Oscars in style. Whether you're entertaining friends or simply watching the awards solo, these six glam cocktails will have you feelin' all sorts of fancy: More Must-Clicks: read more

11 Oscar Party Appetizers to Make This Sunday

oscar party appetizersPhoto: Honestly Yum
With the 86th Academy Awards scheduled for this Sunday, there's a good chance you'll be eating an obnoxious amount of finger food while enjoying Jared Leto's man-bun from the comfort of your own couch. So, to make your viewing-party-of-one go as seamlessly as possible, I rounded up 11 Oscar-worthy appetizers best enjoyed with a glass... read more