MaryAnn Barone

From: Charlotte, North Carolina. Favorite color palette: bold bright colors with bold bright colors. Sweet or savory: Sweet (I'm always looking for the best cupcake). One thing I would never leave home without: A good book in my bag. Piece I look forward to doing every week: Love & Sex.

Summer’s Must-See Date Night Movies

movies, summer 2012, summer, films, the bump, the nestPhoto: Columbia Pictures, Disney/Pixar, Warner Bros. Pictures
Looking for a quick date idea that'll let you beat the heat and have fun? Look no further than your local air-conditioned movie theater. Our sisters at The Bump blog have a list of the top movies you'll enjoy this season. They've even rounded up the coolest character names in each film (Stacee... read more

Snooze and Smile: Married Women Sleep Better!

sleep, marriage, couple, couples, study, happy, happinessPhoto: Getty
Sleep. If there's one thing that takes getting used to, it's adjusting to someone else's sleep schedule. Your man might snore, he might toss and turn, or he might take forever to fall asleep -- but a study shows that married women sleep better through the night in spite of these sleeping stressors. According to... read more

Have You Hit Your Sexual Prime Yet?

sex, love, sexual prime, relationship, the nestPhoto: Getty
Think quick: Are you having more sex or the best sex right now? Age could play a factor in your answer. A poll from Lovehoney, a British sex toy company, found that women had the most sex at 25, but the best sex came a few years later at the age of 28. For... read more

How to Brew The Best Iced Tea

drink, iced tea, recipe, spiked sweet tea, drinks, summertime, summer
For me, iced tea reigns supreme in the summertime. It's the drink du jour for every occasion in my hometown, and we all know it goes with anything and everything. This drink should be celebrated, and, as luck would have it, June is National Iced Tea Month! Perfect timing, right? There's no better way to... read more

Pin Love: Home Is Where The Love Is

pinterest, pin love, love quotes, love quote, quote
When you've had a bad day, you're exhausted, or you just need to escape, what better place to go than home? Coming back to your man in the house you've made a home is a comfort after a long day. This quote reminds me that the square foot, the number of bedrooms, and the amount... read more

Found on Etsy: Pieces to Celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

british, queen jubilee, queen elizabeth
Get your tea and scones ready: Last year about this time we were watching the royal wedding, and today we're honoring Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee, a celebration marking her 60 years on the throne. Talk about sticking with your job -- the Queen is only the second British monarch in 1,000 years who... read more

How to Trick Yourself Into Eating Healthier

fruits, veggies, vegetables, healthy, healthierPhoto: Shutterstock
We all know we need to eat more fruits and vegetables, but usually we just don't want to. Well, according to a study in Environment and Behavior, there are two things you can do to increase the chance that you'll snack on something healthier than a Heath bar. Researchers Gregory Privitera and Heather Creary found... read more

Awesome Modern Decor Finds at…the Supermarket?

modern decor, decor, supermarket
OK, maybe not that supermarket, but this Supermarket is the online place for super-cool, super-modern pieces. It's futuristic-meets-functional, and we've rounded up the most inventive storage solutions the site has to offer. Check out the slideshow for all your organization needs. More to love... What's In Store @ Target How to Organize Everything... read more

Happy National Donut Day: Score a Free Donut!

national donut day, donut, recipe, the nest
Craving something sweet? Then today's your lucky day: It's National Donut Day! It seems like every day is a foodie holiday (even cream puffs have their own), but National Donut Day actually has a history behind it. How'd it all start? Donut Day began as a fundrasier during World War I and honors... read more

Found on Etsy: Summer Serving Platters

serving platter, hosting, serving, plates
Use a colorful serving platter to brighten your summer soirees all season long. Bold, fun colors are the way to go for a memorable spread your guests won't soon forget. Check out our favorite finds from Etsy to liven up your dinner table. More to love... Found on Etsy: Housewarming Pinatas Dinner Party... read more
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