Kristine Solomon

From: Brooklyn, New York. Favorite color palette: black and white with gold and red accents. Sweet or savory: Both, together (chocolate-covered pretzel fiend). One thing I would never leave home without: Lip balm. Piece I look forward to doing every week: Celebrity Couples.

How To Throw a Gold-Medal-Worthy Olympics Party

With the Olympics opening ceremony broadcasting tomorrow night, why not get your friends together and throw a gold medal-worthy bash? Here are our ideas for throwing a winning bash. read more

Is Friday the 13th Lousy or Lucky for Love?

friday the 13thPhoto: HandsOnBlog
Well, today is that day some of us dread for no reason in particular: Friday the 13th. There are two schools of thought: One is that this day is spooky and weird (cue the Jason Voorhees music). Some buildings don't have a 13th floor because they consider it a bad omen. Others look forward to this once-in-a-while... read more

World’s Heaviest Woman Loses 100 Pounds by Having Lots of Sex

pauline potter guinness book world's heaviest womanPhoto:
The verdict is in: No matter how out of shape you are, you are never too far gone to lose weight by having copious amounts of sex. In fact, if you're Pauline Potter, the Guinness Book of World Records' Heaviest Living Woman, you can shed 100 pounds -- an entire person -- in seven... read more

The 5-Step Low-Calorie Cocktail Makeover

low-cal-summer-cocktailPhoto: Grey Goose/Nick Mautone
1. Use seltzer instead of tonic. Seltzer is simply carbonated water. If you must have tonic, opt for a naturally sweetened version or a diet tonic, which contains zero calories. This recipe for a Grey Goose Le Citron Lemongrass cocktail is a great tonic- or seltzer-based summer drink.) 2. Opt for agave nectar instead... read more

How to Be a “Happy Bitch”

Happy Bitch, happinessPhoto: Getty
Does the term "Happy Bitch" sound like a contradiction to you? Well it doesn't to Keryl Pesce, who wrote the book on it -- literally. In fact, happiness guru Keryl created an entire brand called Happy Bitch to help empower women -- both coupled up and single alike -- to take control of their own... read more

4 Divorce Tips We Learned from Katie Holmes

divorce, katie holmes, tom cruise
All the coverage about Katie Holmes' covert plans to make a clean break from Tom Cruise leave us sad...but also quite impressed. Reports of swapped out cell phones, disposable laptops and a secret move to an apartment in New York City -- apparently this is what it took to escape the grips of her controlling... read more

Our Top 10 Alleged Reasons For the TomKat Split

tom cruise, katie holmes, split, divorcePhoto:
After a five mind-numbing blissful years of marriage, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are headed for Splitsville. Hmm, what could have led to such a shocking turn of events? There are tons of possible answers. We’ve come up with ten – and we insist on believing they’re all true. 1. Tom ruined all the seating in the... read more

TomKat-Gate: 5 Things We Want to Read In Katie Holmes’ Tell-All

katie holmes, tom cruise, divorce, split, tell-allPhoto: via Getty Images
Whether it's an expired contract or just some well-timed publicity for Rock of Ages, the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes divorce is kind of something we've all been expecting, right? I, for one, am chomping at the bit for a Katie Holmes tell-all memoir. Sure, the church of Scientology may prevent us from ever getting the answers... read more

What Obamacare Means for You

obamacare, affordable healthcare actPhoto: 401K 2012, Flickr
It's been about three years in the making, and today, President Obama's hotly anticipated Affordable Healthcare for America Act (aka Obamacare) was upheld by the Supreme Court. Now, tens of millions of Americans without health insurance are expected to have better access to medical care. So what does this landmark decision mean for you (and your significant other)? Here... read more

Happy Birthday, Paul McCartney — A True Romantic

paul mccartney birthday, linda mccartneyPhoto: slagheap, Flickr
Some of us are simply fools for love, and if there's one celebrity who emobodies that ethos, it's the adorable living legend Paul McCartney. Though he's now happily married to wife Nancy Shevell, Paul and the late Linda Eastman-McCartney had quite possibly one of the most epic love stories in history. Paul's love for Linda was palpable, and endured until the... read more
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