Heather Morgan Shott

Heather is site director of The Nest (follow her @highchairtimes). Favorite Color Palette: turquoise and cobalt. Can't Leave Home Without: My iPhone + Chanel lipstick. Dream Décor Piece: Super modern chaise lounge

3 Food-and-Wine Pairings to Try Right Now

Celebrate harvest season with these fresh food-and-wine match-ups. Bonus: each bottle is under $20. Cheers!   Grilled Polenta with Tomatoes and White Beans and Terrazas Reserva Torrontés 2011 Why you'll love it: This crisp white is easy to drink (notes of tropical fruits are balanced with a good acidity), cheap (around $14) and it's a... read more

Weeknight Dinner Ideas: 5 Garden-Fresh Dishes to Try Now

Your garden is overflowing with tomatoes, right? Well, they're too good to waste. Make the most of them (and your farmer's market finds) with these fresh meal ideas: Mix it up with other Nesties who love food. Join the conversation and start sharing meal ideas, recipes and more. Click here to jump in! More... read more

7 Chic Bedrooms We Want to Take a Nap In

Bored with your bedroom? Nail a new style this weekend! Click through for some looks we love -- and steal some ideas for your own room: Need more great tips for home? Join our community to chat about organizing tricks (click here!). Or click to our Pinterest boards for inspiration. 10 Things... read more

House Hunting in 5 Cities: What Can You Get for $300,000?

The apartment you rent is so small you can see the bedroom and the front door from your living room couch. The good news: You've been saving up to buy your own pad. But should you stay in the same town, or relocate to a new city?  We comparison shopped real estate to see what... read more

10 Things No One Tells You About Having a Father-in-Law

The Nest/ShutterstockThe Nest/Shutterstock
Here’s the thing: You know your MIL might not be so easy to get along with (you're heard some crazy stories from your friends), but what about your FIL? Here, Nesties reveal what it's really like with their FILs. “My FIL still intimidates me.” -- Along52612 “He tells me he loves me and cares about... read more

Father-in-Law Day Sweepstakes: Win a $100 Gift Card!

Did you know there's a Father-in-Law Day? It's July 30 and we happen to think it's a brilliant holiday (FILs can be just as great as dad!). To celebrate, we're giving one Nestie the chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card to get his/her FIL something he'll love -- like one of these... read more

The Contract Is Signed, But Will the Co-Op Board Approve Us?

We're so excited: The contract on the Brooklyn apartment that we hope to move into has been signed! But before we get the keys we have to be approved by the co-op board. That's right--the contract is signed but the place still isn't ours yet. Here's the thing: When you buy a place in... read more

Share Your Best 4th of July Pics!

Calling all shutterbugs: The 4th of July is tomorrow, and we can't wait to see how you celebrate this summer holiday! Go to Instagram or Twitter and share your best red, white and blue-themed party pics, food shots or decor photos--and, yes, last year's favs count, too. We'll share our favorite photos on... read more

What’s the Most Romantic Trip You’ve Ever Taken?

Lagun Beach, Curacao
Chris and I are still debating where to go to celebrate our 10-year wedding anniversary. Yes, our actual anniversary was a few weeks ago, but we decided to postpone the vacation we always said we'd take for this anniversary until we purchased our new place (update to come soon). Our most romantic trip ever... read more

3 Summer Sippers That Won’t Make You Fat: Try One Tonight!

Planning a party tonight? Instead of serving up your usual high-cal summer cocktails (hello, frozen margaritas!), do yourself and your guests a favor by mixing up one of these cool ideas. Bonus: each cocktail here is made with vodka, a light alcohol that's less likely than dark liquors to cause Sunday-busting hangovers. Cheers! ... read more
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