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4 Truly Unique DIY Dressers: Get Inspired!

Refurbishing your own furniture is like painting a picture: you can create anything you wish.  Get inspired to create your own unique dresser with these fab ideas: Say what you will, sometimes the writing must be on the wall--or in this case, the dresser. So many ways to say one thing, come up with your... read more

Trend Report: Patchwork Home Decor, 4 Inspiring Ways

Patchwork patterns are in Anthropologie's DNA--and now they're everywhere, from fashion to home decor. Looking to change up your pad? Check out these fun ways to incorporate this bohemian, romantic style in your home: A patchwork rug with a geometric pattern that matches your room's decor helps balance the space. Denim patchwork is cool, earthy... read more

Refresh Your Decor for Spring: 4 Simple DIY Tips

It's time to get rid of the old and bring in the new for spring! Transform your living space with these four easy ideas: No other color combo brightens up neutral decor quite like red and yellow! Spread these colorful accents evenly throughout your room to keep your space balanced and tranquil. (Get... read more

Trend Report: Floating Beds, Tables and Desks

The popular indoor swing has swung and now an iterative design has floated in. From simple floating desks to rope-hung furniture, take a look at these inspirational new takes on decor. This romantic bed is a gorgeously unique way to add an earthy and rustic feel to your home. It's suspended by a pully system... read more

Trend Report: Pendant Lighting, Four Cool Ways

Like painting your room a new color, installing new lighting fixtures can help you completely reinvent a space --without spending a fortune. At Uncovet we forecast trends, and we're seeing some stylish new twists on pendant lighting right now. Check out four of our favorite looks, and get inspired to make... read more

Create a Chic Work Space (in Minutes!)

create a chic work space
Paying your bills and balancing your checkbook -- fun? Maybe not, but you'll dread these chores less if you're doing them in a workspace that you love. And by work space I don't mean you have to have an entire room to decided to your home office. A cozy nook under your... read more

3 Ways to Decorate Your Bathroom (You’ll Love ‘Em!)

Photo: Uncovet / The NestPhoto: Uncovet / The Nest
I've moved around a bit, but every place I've lived in has had bathrooms bursting with personality and style. Pretty much everyone who comes over spends time in there at some point, so instead of ignoring it, I choose to make my bathroom fab! Of course you don't have to be a pro to pull... read more

4 Tips for Displaying Wall Art That Looks Stylish, Not Messy

Wall art adds wonderful character to a room, but figuring out how to display your favorite pieces can be overwhelming. You may wonder, for example, how to arrange the random photos and paintings that you already have so that they look like a cohesive collection. Or perhaps you'd love to know how to create a... read more

Bring the Outdoors Indoors This Winter

Photo: Peony St CloudPhoto: Peony St Cloud
Now that it’s cold out, you’re spending lots more time indoors—and maybe missing all the beautiful colors and smells of your favorite plants. But if you choose the right house plants, it’s easy to bring the outdoors indoors, even in winter. It’s healthy for you, too. In fact, house plants filter the air in your... read more

5 Tips to Creating Your Dream Closet

I day dream about closets on a regular basis. I love to find amazing closet photos to pin and inspire me. My closets are my havens, and I reorganize them every season. Every time I move, I'm thrilled to create my next dream closet. I don't think of closets in a traditional sense.... read more
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