Instant Expert: Black Rice Will Blow Your Mind

black rice 101 Photo: Thinkstock

Forget white and brown rice. Black rice — also known as forbidden rice (according to old tales, it was once reserved for Chinese rulers) — is a beautiful super food of a grain that changes color like magic from black to purple when cooked.

So what else is special about it? Black is the new brown with it comes to this must-have pantry pick. It has a chewier texture than brown rice and a nuttier flavor. Plus, the hull of each grain of black rice contains a ton of vitamin E, which will ultimately protect you from all of those “free radicals” that can form in the body and damage healthy cells. According to a recent study, black rice even has more free-radical-fighting antioxidants than blueberries!

How can you cook it? You can easily make it at home. Just use more water than you would with the basic white variety. Soak one cup of dry black rice ahead of time for about 30 minutes before you add heat. Once you’re ready to cook it, add 2 cups of water and simmer for 30 minutes before serving. So simple.

Where can you get it? Pick it up at any Whole Foods or Asian market, or get it delivered to your door.

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