Instant Expert: 7 Foods You’re Probably Mispronouncing

French Fries Etsy Print Photo: TheFoilFactory / Etsy

Know that one pretentious friend of yours who insists she knows everything (um, except for that time she forgot your birthday)? Yeah, even she’s probably incorrectly saying some of these words. Prove that even if you can’t make dinner without setting off the smoke detector, you can definitely pronounce these foods the right way.

The food: Pommes Frites

What it is: Really good Belgian-style French fries

How to say it: pohm-freet


The food: Crudités

What it is: Raw veggies for snacking

How to say it: kroo-da-TAY


The food: Jicama

What it is: White root vegetable used in Mexican cuisine

How to say it: HEE-ka-mah


The food: Worcestershire

What it is: A dark sauce that tastes great with red meat

How to say it: WOOS-tuhr-shur


The food: Pho

What it is: Yummy Vietnamese soup

How to say it: fuh


The food: Quinoa

What it is: A seed people think is a grain that is packed with protein

How to say it: keen-WAH


The food: Gnocchi

What it is: Italian potato dumplings served as pasta

How to say it: nyoh-KEE


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