Thanks to the #IceBucketChallenge, We Got to Sneak a Peek Into These 9 Celebrities’ Homes

Celebrities joining in on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge craze is great for two reasons, the first being that they have the income to donate to and get the word out about an extremely worthy cause.

The second is that when they dump a bucket (or silver vase) of ice on their heads, they do so in their home, yard or pool, giving us a little peek into their personal style.

What, you didn’t know that Justin Bieber was into lucite patio furniture?

We’re pretty jealous of Britney Spears’s gorgeous infinity pool.

Even though Lady Gaga did her Ice Bucket Challenge in the most Lady Gaga-esque way possible, our eyes are on her intricate woven-wood chair.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner win the cutest Ice Bucket Challenge award, hands down (and have a pretty swank pool deck too).

We love Mark Zuckerberg‘s marble patio table and rustic chairs, not to mention the sweet brick grill in the left corner of his backyard.

The Kennedy clan (including Ethel Kennedy!) participated in a group challenge that let us sneak a peek of the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts.

Justin Bieber took a tip from mid-century style with this lucite patio chair.

Newlywed Behati Prinsloo chose a decorative silver bowl to hold her ice water.

Selena Gomez got chilly underneath her SoCal-style patio.

Gisele Bundchen opted for a pretty copper-colored backdrop covered with floral vines.

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