Tap Your Way to Date Night With These 5 Apps

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Date night can take on lots of forms: extreme, creative, outdoor and offbeat… but what about techie? Getting dinner at a new restaurant (and looking good while drinking your watermelon mojito) has never been so easy since there are a ton of apps to help you plan a spontaneous night out with your partner.

Give Instagram a rest and keep scrolling for some of our favorite apps to plan your next date:



Why we love it: Want a last-minute blowout or mani-pedi to spruce up your look? PRIV offers a 24/7 beauty service where they send professionals to your door in under an hour to pamper you in your own home. This also includes masseuses and trainers if you want a little extra spa treatment!

Download for iOS: PRIV

2. Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight

Why we love it: If you’ve always wanted to stay at that swank (and pricey) hotel downtown, here’s your chance to book a last-minute, romantic stay. Hotel Tonight shows users the day’s best deals for unsold hotel rooms all over the world, and you can learn all about your room and securely book your stay with just a few taps. (Caution: Looking at beautiful hotels in different countries may cause serious wanderlust — just saying.)

Download for iOS: Hotel Tonight

Download for Android: Hotel Tonight

3. Hoppit


Why we love it: When you’re not sure if you’d prefer a casual rib joint (where it’s okay to have barbecue sauce all over your face) or an upscale rooftop tapas bar, all you need to tell Hoppit is who you’re dining with and the kind of atmosphere you’re looking for and the rest is taken care of.

Download for iOS: Hoppit

Download for Android: Hoppit

4. Scoutmob


Why we love it: Who doesn’t love a deal and discovering new restaurants at the same time? Simply enter your city and Scoutmob’s curated list of awesome places to eat, drink and be merry nearby pops up. Bonus: All eateries offer a discount (sometimes up to 50 percent off) that you present before your bill comes.

Download for iOS: Scoutmob

Download for Android: Scoutmob

5. OpenTable


Why we love it: Instead of having the dreaded “You try to get a parking spot and I’ll see how long the wait is” conversation, OpenTable makes booking reservations on your phone easy by giving you 20,000 bookable restaurants to choose from at any time.

Download for iOS: OpenTable

Download for Android: OpenTable

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