Nestie Tip of the Week: How to Cure Your Home-Buying Blues

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From stumbling on the perfect home in your dream neighborhood only to lose the bid at the last second to dealing with failed inspections, the buying process is full of some seriously dramatic ups and downs. Nesties share their tips on coping with home-buying blues:

Take a break! We did. We looked for our first home for more than two years. (It allowed us to buy more house because we saved more.) Sometimes you just have to step back. Especially if the market is not in your favor. It’s so easy to get emotionally wrapped up in this process, but for me, I just kept telling myself, this is purely a business transaction — emily1004

I have had so much blues/depression about this whole process, stress ate a looooootttt of ice cream haha. I agree with, Emily, take a break. You have time so take it and relax. Only go for homes that could potentially be the one and never get attached. If you go in nonchalant, it might shock you and go through! — elaineee55

We are under contract right now after house hunting for over a year. We looked at so many places but none felt right. There was one we really loved but we got beat by a cash offer. After lots of disappointing visits, we just said “if it’s meant to be it will be.” A week later, a home we had seen before dropped in price and now we love it. You just need to occupy yourself with other things and get your mind off it for a bit — CowgirlK39

We put in a bid on a house, she accepted bid, and all week long we planned and did everything, then out of blue (and without explanation), she cancelled the contract. We are left with zero explanation and are just devastated. It feels like a bad breakup where I just want to get some closure — indianaalum

We closed last week, so now I think we need to go on a diet….there has been lots stress-eating with comfort food and chocolate the last 5 months. Something else that might help (if you’re not already), make sure to still have fun every now and then. We tried to still have one date night a week, and we never worked on house stuff on Sunday….it kept me sane (mostly) — otterj

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