Did You Not Expect Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s New Estate to Be Absurdly Over the Top?

In this week’s absurdly lavish and ostentatious news, newlyweds Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are reportedly plopping down $20 million big ones to purchase an estate in Hidden Hills, California.

But what’s so special about this estate, you ask? What deems this 15,667-square-foot and eight-bedroom pad worthy of their residence?

Well, for starters, it has two vineyards (Kardashian Kotes du Rhone, anyone?), two pools, two spas, a home theater, a separate guest home, fountains and huge rolling lawns. That should cover it, right?

Mind you, all of this comes after the couple decided to flip their $9 million Bel Air, California, mansion that they were in the middle of renovating.

Take a peek of Kimye’s Versailles of LA:

Kim Kardashian Home

Photo: Zillow


Would Kanye actually buy a piece of property this size if he had to mow the lawn himself?

Kim Kardashian Foyer

Photo: Zillow


One requirement for every home a Kardashian lives in is to have a giant staircase in the foyer to practice their grand entrances.

Kim Kardashian Closet

Photo: Zillow


Something tells me we should prepare for two new celebrity wine labels very soon.

Kim Kardashian Closet

Photo: Zillow

His Closet

Oh phew, we were worried for a minute that Kanye’s closet wouldn’t include a fireplace.

Kim Kardashian Pool

Photo: Zillow


This pool better include a light and water show at night — I wouldn’t want them to not get the best bang for their buck and all.

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