9 of the Most Ridiculous Fights Couples Have at Best Buy

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Happy couples might enter the doors of Best Buy, but no couple has ever left a Best Buy happy. The top 9 ways that bits and bytes can turn into snips and fights:

The Fight: 40” vs. 60” TV
“But…there’s no room on the wall,” you say. There’s always room. “But…the couch is only 6 feet from the TV,” you say. Perfect. This is no place for logic. Talking a guy out of a bigger TV is like talking a bride out of a nicer wedding dress.

The Fight: PS4 vs. Adulthood
No self-respecting adult wants to play video games. But who needs “self-respect” when you can actually get lap-dances in the strip clubs of Grand Theft Auto V?! We suspect you won’t be persuaded by that argument, so instead, you’ll hear us say that the PS4 is a “media hub” (whatever that means) to anchor the room’s electronics, and without it, we’d be stuck with basic cable and you couldn’t stream Orange is the New Black.

The Fight: The Phone Upgrade
Yes, it costs $200 to upgrade to the new phone, and yes, it’s true, the “old phone” was purchased 6 months ago, but this new one has a camera with 16 MEGAPIXELS. That’s less than $13 bucks a mega-pixel! “But you never even take any pictures,” you tell him. His response: “That’s because I never had enough mega-pixels.”

The Fight:  6 Minutes or 60 Minutes
It’s the dark mirror image of every shopping trip you’ve ever taken. Complete role reversals. You want to stay for 6 minutes; he wants to browse for 60. He checks out the newest scanners (he has never owned a scanner and never will), and sinks into the leather chairs of the Home Theater Room. (Yeah, you lost this battle.)

The Fight: Surround Sound vs. “WTF, Why do We Need Surround Sound?”
At gunpoint, he can’t even really tell you exactly what “Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound” means, or how, exactly, 5.1 is better than 4.1. Irrelevant. We know we need it. And if this means drilling holes through the walls to route the speaker wire, or maybe snaking cords under the rugs—which will bulge and trip our guests—so be it. If you wanna make an omelet, you gotta break some eggs.

The Fight: External Hard-drive vs. The Cloud
This isn’t actually a fight between the two of you, but a fight that he has with himself, loudly, arguing the Pros and Cons of each side.

The Fight: Do We Need an iPad?
“Name one thing the iPad can do that the laptop can’t do.”  (Silence.)  “Um… Candy Crush?” “Okay, name one thing the iPad can do that your phone can’t do.”  (More silence.) Finally…. “Fine. Compromise. We’ll get an iPad mini.”

The Fight: Asking for help
“Which WiFi router do you recommend?” you ask the dude in khakis and blue polo shirt. And your partner looks at you as if you betrayed him, as if you just said, “Hey, sexy Best Buy employee, wanna go to the corner and make out?” We don’t need help. We’re on it. We can tell you exactly the optimal configuration for a WiFi router. (Just as soon as we secretly ask someone else for help.)

The Fight: Mac or PC?
Some guys prefer Macs, some guys prefer PCs, but one thing is certain: Our preference is the correct one. And if you need a new computer, we will do everything in our power to show you the superiority of our chosen Operating System. Because we’re romantic like that.

Jeff Wilser is the author of The Maxims of Manhood and founding editor of groom website ThePlunge.com. On Twitter at @jeffwilser.


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