9 Newlywed Secrets That Will Shock You

Whispers App Newlywed Secrets Photo: Shutterstock

Not sure if you’re the only newlywed feeling the way you do? After going down the Whisper app rabbit hole (the app that lets you post anonymous secrets for all to see), we seriously doubt it. From sweet to shocking, this is where spouses are secretly sounding off about love, sex and money issues:

I hate spending even a night away from my husband.  I know we are newly married but I hope this feeling never goes away...
I friendzoned him for 3 years. Today, we got married ❤
Today, I married the person I lost my virginity to 8 years ago. I've never cheated on him either.
Been thinking of making love to my husband. All day.  Newlyweds
Buying a house is already putting our newlyweds relationship to a test. But I know it will be worth it
I'm madly in love with her, she is my everything and the best part is we just got married
I just got married, and I'm terrified about becoming the breadwinner of the family
I am extremely happy because I just got married.  After 7 years we finally made it official.
I got married today to my soulmate! I'm almost 30 and I thought I would be alone forever. Patience pays off!

Want to share some of your own newlywed confessions anonymously? Check out Whisper.

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