7 Small Gadgets That Won’t Take Over Your Living Space

Whether it’s your first home in the ‘burbs or a shoebox-sized apartment in the city (welcome to my world), the last thing you want is for your daily devices to take over. To free up more counter space, closet space and all around living space, here are seven of the best gadgets that are a baby step away from their full sized equals.

Courtesy of Crate + Barrel, Amazon, Dyson, Best Buy, BedBath and Beyond, Williams-Sonoma

Courtesy of Crate + Barrel, Amazon, Dyson, Best Buy, BedBath and Beyond, Williams-Sonoma

1. The Toaster
You’re concerned about getting out the door fast enough in the morning so who has time to actually keep the toaster anywhere but on the counter? The problem: most kitchens are lacking in counter space! This totally sleek two-slice toaster is all you need and is small enough that you can leave it on the counter.

SHOP NOW: 2-slice toaster, $50, Cuisinart, CrateandBarrel.com

2. The Fan
Sometimes air conditioning isn’t enough so a cool-looking fan is a must-have. This steel one is a small desktop version, works wonders and looks good enough to leave out. Summer problem solved!

SHOP NOW: 12” metal fan, $60, Hunter, Amazon.com

3. The Vacuum
Maybe it’s just me but does anyone really enjoy vacuuming? But, it has to be done so why not make it easier on yourself with this four-pound cordless vacuum that will get your place spic and span in a second. Seriously, take it from me; I have this tiny powerhouse in my tiny New York apartment. Why? It does the job and it’s super easy to store under the bed or in a corner.

SHOP NOW: DC59 Motorhead vacuum, $550, Dyson.com

4. The Air Filter
Your abode may leave something to be desired in space but that doesn’t mean you have to forgo air filtration. Quiet and small, this air purifier cleans up to 310 square feet and is Bluetooth enabled so you can control it from your iPhone (ie: you never have to get off the couch). It’s the perfect partner for a couch potato who demands mountain fresh air.

SHOP NOW: Bluetooth-enabled console air purifier, $270, Honeywell, BestBuy.com

5. The Garment Steamer
Do you really have space for a clunky ironing board? Probably not. Or maybe you just leave a burn mark every time you attempt something delicate. Um, remember your great aunt’s tablecloth and the number you did on it? Skip potential fire hazard and try a handheld garment steamer that will get out every tiny wrinkle in super speedy form.

SHOP NOW: Press & Refresh fabric steamer, $80, Shark, BedBathandBeyond.com

6. The Blender
I’m a smoothie person and I like fresh juices but let’s be honest, the juicer hasn’t made an appearance since 2007. Why? It’s too clunky and super annoying to clean. Now that Vitamix has come out with a personal sized blender, you can have the power of a full-sized one (it’s the same motor!) but in compact form. Get ready to start blending up your breakfast on a daily basis.

SHOP NOW: S30 Personal Blender, $400, Vitamix, Williams-Sonoma.com

7. The Coffee Maker
I have to have a cup of dark roast before I head out in the morning but I can’t stand dealing with coffee grounds nor do I have the space for a whole coffee maker. This single serve brewer is my AM BFF. It’ll only take up a tiny corner on your counter and will pack the caffeine punch you demand.

SHOP NOW: K10 MINI Plus brewer, $100, Keurig, BedBathandBeyond.com

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