7 Marriage Tips We Have for Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port (in GIFs!)

Brides-to-be Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port are old pros at relationships and dating advice, but since marriage is a whole new ball game, we wanted to give the former The Hills stars a crash course on newlywed life with a few helpful tips. After all, nobody wants a slo-mo mascara roll to happen during a fight about joint bank accounts. And speaking of….

1. Money is the #1 thing couples fight about, so figuring out your finances (merging bank accounts versus separate accounts) is a must — even though making a budget can be boring and annoying. Nobody likes an overdrawn account though, right?

2. Never go to bed angry — waking up mad will only make the next day 10 times worse.

3. In a heated fight? Give each other space to walk away and cool down for a bit.

4. Go on dates frequently — and the spicier and more exciting, the better.

5. And while we’re on the topic, date nights with your partner are awesome — but don’t skimp on nights out with your friends. You need them too!

6. This might seem crazy, but over 60 percent of newlyweds we surveyed are in a sex rut! Don’t get too busy to slow it down in the sheets (or elsewhere) with your partner.

7. Resist the urge to nitpick and complain about your in-laws, even about the smallest things. You love your mother-in-law’s fat-free cheesecake she makes for your birthday every year, right?

And just for old time’s sake:

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