It’s National Ice Cream Sandwich Day — Eat Up!

Cream Cheese Gelato Graham Cracker Ice Cream Sandwiches Photo: The Ice Creamery

I don’t need an excuse. When I want an ice cream sandwich, I get an ice cream sandwich. No apologies. I’m even about to pack up and head to the Jersey shore, where no beach day is finished if you haven’t stopped the ice cream-selling salesman calling out about “fudgy wudgy” bars and walking the beach with his cooler filled with fudge pops, Chipwiches and more. That’s where, as a child, I spent a long weekend nearly every year on the family vacation. And who can resist the pull of a childhood memory when deciding whether to bite into that ice cream sandwich or not?

In my case, it would be impossible, because ice cream sandwiches were also one of my absolute favorite desserts when I was growing up. How could they not be? My grandfather would often head home from work with a paper bag filled with them for me and my friends. My best friend and I would be playing hopscotch in the steep driveway of my grandparents’ home that was set up on a hill in our Bronx neighborhood, so I would spot him walking home from a block away, and we would run up to him and tear into that bag the second he was a few feet away from us.

These days, my taste buds perk up at any mention of creative cool concoctions like these nine homemade ice cream sandwiches that will show you there’s more to this sandwich than vanilla ice cream between two chocolate cookies. Pictured above are the “Cream-Cheese Gelato with Graham Crackers” — need I say more?


Cinnamon Roll Ice Cream Sandwich

Cardamom Snickerdoodle Ice Cream Sandwiches

Confetti Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich