Yes, You Can Microwave It! Farm-Fresh Corn

microwave corn Photo by Christine Porretta

I know it sounds like complete culinary heresy to cook the summer sweetness of corn on the cob in a m-i-c-r-o-w-a-v-e. How could anything come out of the microwave with the texture of something other than rubber? I had actually gone a couple of years without ever using one at home. Normally I’m a pretty rustic cook, using not much more than a few fresh ingredients, a pot or a pan and my stove or oven. But I’ve served up corn for a few years now using this quick technique instead of boiling. I’ll admit, if I didn’t live in an apartment or at least had a tiny patch of outdoor space where I could get my grill on, those kernels would definitely feel the flame. Sadly, that’s just not my reality at the moment. So how else can a girl feel the satisfaction of unwrapping an exquisitely juicy, piping hot ear of corn?

Insanely Simple Step 1: Get two ears of corn. Remove just the outermost layer of corn-husk leaves for each, careful not to remove more so the cob is still fully covered. Also remove as much of the stems as possible by snapping them off.

Insanely Simple Step 2: Moisten a paper towel and place it on a dish big enough to hold both ears of corn, and place the corn on top of it (check it out in the pic, below).


Insanely Simple Step 3: Place the dish with the corn in the microwave, press the express button several times until you reach 3 minutes, and let it cook. That’s it!

When ready, peel the rest of the husk off the corn, removing the silk, and take a bite — mind blown.