7 Celebrity Maiden Names That Will Surprise You

Think you’ve got your useless celebrity knowledge down pat? Then think again. Just when you finally got around to memorizing the names of the Jonas Brothers, I decided to throw this pop culture curve ball your way. Betcha you can’t guess the real maiden names of these seven celebrity wives. (And if you can, then I suggest slowwwly walking away from your People magazine.)

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Natalie Portman

Before she married dancer Benjamin Millepied in 2012, the actress went by her stage name, Portman. But what name is actually on Natalie's birth certificate?:

A. Portsmith

B. Wood

C. Hershlag

D. Weiss
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Victoria Beckham

Prior to marrying arguably the best looking soccer player in the biz, this former Spice Girl went by Victoria:

A. Bunton

B. Adams

C. Chisholm

D. Smith
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Vanessa Lachey

Before marrying Nick Lachey in 2011, the T.V. host went by Vanessa:

A. Marks

B. Mason

C. Manolo

D. Minnillo
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Portia DeGeneres

Years before marrying Ellen (and way before her Ally McBeal days), the Australian actress was better known as Portia:

A. Keane

B. de Rossi

C. Rogers

D. de Miglio
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Olivia Wilde

Okay, okay -- even though Wilde isn't yet married to fiancée Jason Sudeikis, we still betcha you can't guess her birth name:

A. Cockburn

B. Warrington

C. Cabello

D. Walsh
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Surprisingly enough, Pink isn't this singer's real name. (Shocking, right?) Before marrying Carey Hart in 2006, this rocker was better known as Alicia:

A. MacCarthy

B. Moore

C. McDonald

D. Mendoza
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Faith Hill

Sure, she doesn't go by Faith McGraw -- but that doesn't mean her maiden name is actually Hill. What last name was the country star initially given?

A. Wilson

B. Miller

C. Wright

D. Perry
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Natalie Portman:
C: Herschlag

Victoria Beckham:
B: Adams

Vanessa Lachey:
D: Minnillo

Portia DeGeneres:
C. Rogers

Olivia Wilde:
A: Cockburn

B: Moore

Faith Hill:
D: Perry

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