Man Crush Monday: 5 Celebs We’d Rather See in ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

If you’re anything like me, then last week’s reveal of the newest Fifty Shades of Grey trailer left you feeling…underwhelmed. I don’t know about you, but after investing two weeks reading the trilogy and spending months waiting for the preview; I was kind of hoping the movie would actually live up to all the hype. But as much as I appreciate Jamie Dornan (and more importantly, those abs), I can definitely think of a few choice celebs that would do a much-better job playing the role of Christian Grey. So, in honor of Man Crush Monday, I give you five pieces of eye candy to start your week off right:

Michael FassbenderPhoto: Getty
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Michael Fassbender

First up: Mr. Michael Fassbender. Not only is this Irish-German actor easy on the eyes, but he's got an impressive set of acting chops to boot. Oh, and there's that whole not-so-subtle nude scene in Shame...
Henry CavillPhoto: Getty
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Henry Cavill

Well, Henry Cavill sure has the whole tall, dark and handsome thing down pat. Too bad he already stole our hearts as Superman in last year's reboot of the film.
Joe ManganielloPhoto: Getty
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Joe Manganiello

Since he's already played a male stripper and an always-naked werewolf, it only makes sense for Joe Manganiello to take on the role of Christian Grey, no?
Alexander SkarsgardPhoto: Getty
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Alexander Skarsgard

Between those eyes and that hair, we're having a hard time picking a favorite feature on this 37-year-old Swedish actor.
Don Draper
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Don Draper

Forget Jon Hamm...can't we bend the rules just this once and give the role to the always-sexy Don Draper? No? That's not allowed?

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