7 Reasons Why We Love a Younger Man

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While a younger man may have less life experience, that doesn’t mean he’s not emotionally mature. Here are the seven reasons why being in a relationship with a younger man is the best.

1. He Tries Harder
He feels proud to be with a grown-ass woman, and since you have your shit (mostly) together, a younger man will try to “man up” to impress you.

2. He Wants to Please You
Ladies, this also means in the bedroom. There’s the illusion that you have more experience (even if you don’t), and he’ll work overtime to make sure you’re satisfied. Remember: His young mind has a propensity for learning. Young dog, new tricks. Not to mention, he’s much closer to his sexual prime of 18 than that older gent.

3. He’ll Respect You
There’s a bit of an authority with being the wiser, older puma. He may be mature, but you’ve gone through more life experiences, and he’ll be more attuned to listen to your wisdom. Older men tend to believe their opinion is the end all be all of life answers, but a younger man, albeit he may be an arrogant brat sometimes (but so can you), will actually respect you.

4. He’s Fun
It’s not an en mass generalization, but there’s a fair chance he’ll make you step outside of your comfort zone and introduce you to new things and a new perspective. You’ve been working hard for the money and he may just lighten the mood, which you’ll appreciate.

5. He’s Supportive
He probably isn’t established in his career just yet, and whether you are or aren’t, he’ll be more attuned to the frustrations and triumphs that go along with building a name for yourself. After all, he’s doing the same.

6. He’ll Treat You Like a Lady
This goes back to respect. I think chivalry may have skipped a generation, but it’s back, thankfully. And if he doesn’t treat you like the lady you are, you can figuratively take your puma paw and swat the baby cub in the face, reminding him how a woman needs to be treated. Trust me, he’ll listen and then apologize.

7. He’ll Bring Out the Best in You
Let’s be brutally honest—you probably won’t take the younger man as seriously as, let’s say, someone who is 10 years older than you, at least not in the beginning. This means you’ll let down your guard and feel more at ease to be yourself and won’t be afraid to show him all of your sides, good and bad. A balanced, more honest relationship means you’ll be happier in the long run.

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