You Know You Want It (a Peek Inside Robin Thicke’s Home, That Is)

If Robin Thicke and Paula Patton were decor elements, you’d think they would be sleek marble countertops, shiny silver appliances and a minimalist white sofa, right? Wrong. So wrong.

Since Robin and Paula’s marriage has become a little blurred as of late, their Los Angeles home is now on the market for $2.985 million and was originally purchased by Alan Thicke, Robin’s father, as a wedding gift.

We’re wondering if Alan also had the house decorated, because cheerful yellow walls and a woodsy kitchen doesn’t exactly seem their style.

Take a look:

Photo: Sotheby's
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Living Room

We're a little shocked at how cheerfully and California-esque the living room's decor is.
Photo: Sotheby's
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Did you imagine a rustic kitchen with a brick stove for Robin and Paula? They seem like marble people to me.
Photo: Sotheby's
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We can get behind these sultry red curtains and walls.
Photo: Sotheby's
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Bright blue walls and woodsy elements make this bedroom rustic-glam in the best way.
Photo: Sotheby's
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The small pool and lush potted plants give an old-Hollywood vibe here.

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