7 Clues Your Pet is Ruining Your Relationship

couple playing with cat Photo: Shutterstock

Sure, bringing home a pet can bring you and your partner closer — but sometimes that new pooch can wreak havoc on your relationship:

  • As bad as it sounds, sometimes you’d much rather cuddle up to your cat than your husband. After all, she could care less if you leave crumbs in the bed. (And she sure as hell won’t complain when you insist on binge-watching the Real Housewives of New York.)
  • Your guy can’t stop gushing about how his niece finally learned how to roll over. Your response: “That’s nice. Rover learned how to do that months ago.”
  • You honestly can’t remember the last time you both got busy without your lab howling on the other side of your bedroom door. (So much for personal space…)
  • Whenever you pack up the car for a trip to your in-laws, it kind of goes without saying that the dog gets the front seat.
  • You know that bad habit your Mom had of calling you by your sister’s name? You now make the same mistake – except you continuously confuse your husband and the dog. “Here, Scott – er, Scooby!”
  • Can’t remember the last time you two actually exchanged presents? That’s because all of your gift-buying efforts now go toward buying your pup Frisbees and treats. A new chew toy? You shouldn’t have!
  • Once upon a time, you two actually had pet names for each other. Now, they only pet name you both use is your dog’s when you have to repeatedly remind him to stop barking at those poor neighbors.


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