Emily Henderson’s 9 Tips to Merge Your Stuff Without Fighting

emily henderson merge stuff

Let’s just face it: Moving in together is stressful. If you and your significant other are just merging your belongings (or are thinking about it), here are some tips to help you create a harmonious home that works for both of you and each of your styles.

By Emily Henderson, Target Home Style Expert

Tip #1: Choose What You’ll Keep
Each party should choose their favorite items first, so you know what you’re working with. When you come across items you disagree on, empathize instead of saying no immediately, because your partner probably has some emotional attachment to it. Think about ways you can work with what you have—is it something you can reupholster so it fits in with the other pieces in your home? Even if you aren’t totally into their style, making a compromise will make cohabitating so much easier.

Tip #2: Edit and Organize
In a household of two or more it’s crucial to organize as much as possible. Get rid of unnecessary items and consider an organizer with multiple shelves for versatility. Use it as a bookshelf, fill it with baskets to hide the clutter, or place it in your entryway as a shoe rack.

Tip #3: Go Shopping Together
By shopping together, you’ll take the guesswork out of combining styles and get a sense of what works for both of you. You can easily mix feminine and masculine styles together for a look that’s the two of you.

Tip #4: Remember to Compromise
If your significant other has to have something, but you’re not crazy about it, let it slide! He may love having his feet up on the coffee table, which is irritating to you, so look for something like an ottoman with storage. It’s ideal for his lazy days watching the game, keeps his feet off the table and gives you another place to stash your stuff.

Tip #5: Choose Everything Together
Remember: Both opinions matter, even when it comes to choosing something as basic as bedding. Designs that are simple but graphic work well and are generally crowd-pleasers, regardless of personal style.

Tip #6: Find Your Color Palette
Different styles can work together if you have a united color palette. Hone in on colors you both like and build your room (or your home!) around them. Gray is the new black and pairs well with bright colors such as citron, turquoise and coral. Start with a timeless gray piece, such as a charcoal rug and layer in accent colors for a mix of modern and traditional.

Tip #7: Share Closet Space
This is a friendly reminder that you no longer own all the closet space. Look for smart storage solutions that take advantage of vertical space while allowing you to keep things organized.

Tip #8: Use Artwork to Express Your Personalities
It’s important to add personality to your home, and one way to do this is through art. Work together on a gallery wall that combines favorite pieces—it’s unexpected, but mixing different styles can add a lot of life and vibrancy to a space.

Tip #9: Nothing is Forever
Try not to get too attached to your décor accents. Keep it feeling fresh by continuously shuffling things around. Make seasonal changes, like swapping out chunky knit throws for vases full of fresh flowers when transitioning from winter to spring. The more open you are to making small changes on a regular basis, the less intimidated you will feel about combining both of your styles.

Emily Henderson is a Target Home Style Expert who also is and HGTV host, stylist, blogger and general party animal. She currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband, son and two cats.


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