10 Signs You’re Both Turning Into the Same Person

couple goofing off Photo: Shutterstock

There’s no better feeling than being so comfortable with your partner that you’re free to show off your true colors – even if said colors are your blue and grey sweats you immediately throw on whenever he whispers sweet nothings like “Netflix” and “fro-yo”. But to be completely honest, there’s the inevitable point in any relationship where you both slowly start turning into the same person. Forget one of a kind, these signs prove you two are practically the Olsen twins.

  • You remember when hot yoga was your thing, but now it’s a team effort. (You even have the matching mats to prove it.) Just politely remind him that your Lulu Lemon pants are strictly off-limits.
  • You realize the smell of his soap no longer reminds you of him. Mostly because you ran out of your go-to body wash months ago and have since adopted Old Spice as your new signature scent.
  • Your mother-in-law finally gifted you with that leather weekender bag you’ve been eyeing. Unfortunately, it’s monogrammed with both of your initials.
  • You got that cute Karlie Kloss-esque bob and it vaguely reminded you of your guy’s attempt to grow out his hair à la Jared Leto.
  • Your Christmas lists are identical. I mean, what else could you both possibly need other than a his-and-her J.Crew sweater set and a brand-new Vitamix?
  • Girls night out? Fuhgeddaboudit. You haven’t had one of those since you and your guy realized that meant spending time apart (and taking off your matching bathrobes).
  • Your husband accidentally puts his underwear in your drawer on laundry day. Since they fit, you wear them.
  • Your contact falls out and you can’t find your glasses to save your life, yet you know you can always rely on wearing his extra pair of specs. Identical prescriptions, for the win!
  • You finish each other’s sentences – but not in a cute “we-share-the-same-brain!” type of way. Rather, if you have to hear that 20-minute story about his hiking trip one more time you just might lose your mind.
  • You go out to dinner and whenever the waiter takes your orders, the answer is always the same: “I’ll have what she’s having.”

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