Is Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice the Key to Divorce-Proofing Your Marriage?



Susan Patton, commonly known as The Princeton Mom, went on The Today Show in Australia stating that, “Married women (of any age) should be nice and stop acting like an entitled princesses…” She continues, “Women should appreciate the fact that they’re married and recognize that there are a lot of women in their thirties who missed the chance to find a husband.”

Patton referred to the single women on set, who found her commentary inflammatory, as “spinsters-in-training” (who would be able to comment once they’d finished feeding the cat). With the age of marriage rising and divorce rates climbing to 50%, is the key to divorce-proofing your marriage taking on a traditional gender roll that caters to the man? “Most men are the primary breadwinners and they’re entitled to a little respect when the walk in the door,” says Patton.

She says that so much time has been exhausted on being sensitive to women’s needs in the workplace or adjusting to them having it all that we’ve forgotten about the needs of men. Have we? Are modern women less appreciative of their husbands? Does the contemporary woman need to start making more of an effort to be nice, sweet and feminine?

Go pour yourself, excuse us, your husband a glass of scotch, and let us know what you think of The Princeton Mom’s ideology.