What Really Comes After Marriage? “112 Weddings” Documentary Finds Out

112 Weddings 112 Weddings

All eyes — especially the wedding videographer’s — are on the bride and groom on their wedding day. Wedding photographer, videographer and documentary filmmaker Doug Block (who has been married for 28 years) has filmed more than 112 weddings during his career, prompting him to revisit some of his favorite couples years after their wedding in his new HBO documentary, 112 Weddings, to see what their life together is like long after they’ve said their vows.

In an interview with The Nest, Doug revealed what he can tell about a couple’s future just by looking at them — and his own recipe for happily ever after.

The Nest: Do you think that most couples still look back on their wedding day as the biggest day of their life, even after marital reality sets in?

Doug Block: I think it’s a mix. They all look back very warmly on the wedding day and remember it for the significance it had at the time. But when life starts happening, particularly when kids come along, it starts to fade in memory, and they start to wonder why they made such a fuss.

TN: After filming so many weddings, what common theme do you notice about each one?

DB: When I re-watch the footage, I’m always struck by how suspenseful the last hour before the ceremony is. In almost every wedding I’ve done, somewhere between 15 and 30 minutes before the ceremony, both the bride and groom, whether together or separately, get a “deer in the headlights” look. It dawns on them that the preparations are over, people are arriving and it’s about it happen. All the kidding stops and everything gets quiet. It’s the realization that what they’ve been planning and dreaming about is about to become reality.

TN: What can you tell about a couple from filming them?

DB: That they seem really in love on their wedding day, but I don’t think it tells what their marriage will be like. You get a vibe for the ones who are just so solid, they will stay together. There are some couples, beyond their happy expressions, you can just tell they’re comfortable and compatible with each other. They see something in each other that makes their heart flutter. However, if a couple doesn’t seem warm and gushy, you can’t make anything of that; they may be shy. Many people don’t like attention, and you don’t get more attention than on your wedding day.

TN: What do you think is the key to living happily after your wedding day?

DB: A marriage most often works best when you have common values and sensibilities. You’re going to be tested and challenged by life. And if you don’t share the same values about how to raise kids, spend money and spend your time, then you’re going to have problems. It’s also really important to carve out time for each other as a couple. Kids and work can overwhelm your life. You always have to make sure you remember who you are as a couple no matter how busy you both are. I also think it’s helpful to grow as individuals.

112 Weddings premieres Monday, June 30 at 9 p.m. on HBO.

Watch the trailer here:

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