Take a Relationship Tip From Andi Dorfman’s Perfect ‘Bachelorette’ Date

Andi Dorfman Photo: ABC

If you missed The Bachelorette last night, Andi Dorfman had a hell of a date with contestant Josh Murray (amid all the drama, of course). In Andi’s blog, she details what she and Josh did together and collectively, it’s more than the average couple can afford all at once. (What, you can’t fly to France for the day too?) But if you break it down, her date is full of good ideas that you can try with your partner — minus the whole rose thing.

She writes, “Finally we take the romance international! What better place to start our worldwide travel than Marseille, France – a city in the south, right on the Mediterranean.”

Tip 1: Trips are good, no matter where to. What’s better than going to a new place and trying new restaurants, even if they’re an hour away?

“After we left the hotel, Josh and I shopped for picnic supplies where I attempted to use my terrible French. We bought sandwiches and a liquor that Marseille is known for, pastis. It tasted like licorice and I bought an extra one to bring home to my mom. We sailed along the Mediterranean coast to the southernmost tip of Marseille, called the Calanques. The Calanques are these beautiful rock formations, and it was the most beautiful place to have a picnic and, most important of all, to talk. On our picnic, I learned about Josh’s past, especially about his baseball career.”

Tip 2: Boats and picnics are awesome, and even better hand-in-hand. Picnicking doesn’t have to be expensive, since sandwiches and wine are always a good choice. See if you can go on a boat cruise near where you live too (even better if it’s a booze cruise).

“I decided to get all dressed up and have dinner with Josh at a magnificent palace. It was incredible to say the least. I remember taking a deep breath and telling Josh that for the first time, I felt like I was letting my guard down with him and was allowing myself to enjoy our great connection.”

Tip 3: Even if you can’t have a deep talk at a palace, you can still have a deep talk anywhere. Put the phone away for a few hours and recharge with each other.

“I had one last surprise for Josh — you guessed it — a private concert. We ended the night by dancing to Ben Fields, which was incredibly romantic. From start to finish, the date was perfect and one I would never forget.”

Tip 4: Good concerts happen more frequently — and are more affordable — than you think. Summer is the perfect time to catch an outdoor concert or buy nosebleed seats for fun (don’t forget the binoculars!).

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