5 Furniture Trends You Need to Know Now

We got a sneak peek of the trends that will be taking over your home (get ready for bold!) at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair. While mid-century holds strong, we were impressed by the innovation, creativity and all-around eye candy that the designers were dreaming up.


Courtesy of innit
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Bright Color

It's time to get happy for shy colors have gone into hiding with bright hues taking over for a bold statement.

Give yourself a staycation in this super comfy ‘70s-style Acapulco chair made from flexible vinyl cord and stainless steel.

SHOP NOW: Acapulco Chair by innit
Courtesy of Bend
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Orange Crush

Liven up your living room with a fluorescent iron table that can also double as an ottoman with the help of a cushion.

SHOP NOW: Drum Table by Bend
Courtesy of Finn Juhl
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Ombre Organizer

Originally designed in 1955, this structure looks more like a cool cubist painting than the organizational wizard it is.

SHOP NOW: Sideboard and Unit Tray by Finn Juhl
Courtesy of BluDot
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Green Dream

This table is all business up top and a party underneath thanks to it’s apple green legs.

SHOP NOW: Right Round Table by BluDot
Courtesy of Tronk Design
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Tangerine Dream

Try out the orange trend without going overboard with this petit side table.

SHOP NOW: Hudson Side Table by Tronk Design
Courtesy of H Furniture
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Yellow Submarine

Be daring and use this unique sideboard for a colorblock of sunny color.

SHOP NOW: Corner Sideboard by HFurniture
Courtesy of Stephen Kenn
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Designers are going eco-friendly with their materials and using kraft paper, cardboard, and even horsehair.

This new recruit gets a vintage spin thanks to recycled army fabric and masculine leather-trimmed straps.

SHOP NOW: Inheritance Collection by Stephen Kenn
Courtesy of graypants
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Cardboard Country

Ever wonder where cardboard boxes go to live out their creativity? To become affordable lights with a warm yet utilitarian feel.

SHOP NOW: Scraplight by GrayPants
Courtesy of Apparatus
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Mane Tale

Utterly innovative in design, this sconce is made of steel and horsehair for a mix of textures like no other.

SHOP NOW: Horsehair Sconce by Apparatus
Courtesy of Sentient Furniture
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Live Edge

Reclaimed wood with a live edge gives this stately dining table a refined rustic accent.

SHOP NOW: Live Edge Black Walnut Table by Sentient Furniture
Courtesy of Mooi
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Paper Trail

Open floor plan not your jam? No problem. This 6-foot tall wall made from accordion kraft paper will divide and conquer.

SHOP NOW: Molo Natural Kraft Paper Softwall
Courtesy of VS Neutra
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Woven fibers and leather materials worked their way into seating (and lighting!) for craftsman appeal.

Architecture buffs will rejoice as VS has launched a line of Richard Neutra furniture. His Boomerang chair that was originally designed for his Channel Heights House in Los Angeles, is now available to the public in all it’s midcentury glory.

SHOP NOW: Boomerang Chair by Neutra Furniture Collection for VS
Courtesy of Miles + May
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Rock Me Gently

It’s time to relax in style while sitting in a rocking chair made from walnut and woven black leather.

SHOP NOW: Miles and May rocking chair
Courtesy of Naomi Paul
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Knit Knack

Crocheted from a specialty cotton cord, this pendant light will add a bit of handmade heart to your home.

SHOP NOW: V2 Gluck Lamp by Naomi Paul
Courtesy of David Gaynor Design
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Dream Weaver

Your opinion of felt is about to change thanks to this colorful bench constructed of an industrial strength upholstery version.

SHOP NOW: New Weave Bench by David Gaynor Design
Courtesy of Artek
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Mid-century continues to reign supreme but the laid back lines you're familiar with are now sharp, heavy and bold as Neo-Brutalism is taking over.

Designed by Ilmari Tapiovaara in 1954, this pointy table will make a powerful centerpiece to any room looking for an edge.

SHOP NOW: Trienna Table by Artek
Courtesy of Finell
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To the Point

Stay organized with shiny spire hooks that will turn your wall into a killer art piece.

SHOP NOW: Spire Wall Hook by Finell
Courtesy of Gentner Design
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Brutal Truth

Get down to the nitty gritty of Brutalist furniture with this multi-level pewter table that will add an urban statement to your living room.

SHOP NOW: Pewter Table Landscape by Gentner Design
Courtesy of Artextural
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Divide and Conquer

Simplistic in design, this wood and glass console table is the strong silent type.

SHOP NOW: Gyza Console Table by Artextural
Courtesy of Lim + Lu
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Space Saving

Functionality is key with multi-use pieces that were made for small space living.

A side table and six seats all in one? The Nest structure is a multi-purpose wonder piece that's made for small spaces.

SHOP NOW: Nest by Lim + Lu
Courtesy of Souda Souda
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Top Shelf

Minimalist in design this piece is tops for displaying odds and ends off the floor.

SHOP NOW: Strut Shelving System by SoudaSouda
Courtesy of Tom Dixon
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Copper Calling

This petit side table will save on space while packing a big decor punch.

SHOP NOW: Pylon Side Table by Tom Dixon
Courtesy of VOLK Furniture
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Tall Boy

Small spaces call for smallish furniture that store all your belongings. This high boy dresser is not only a chic, its drawers are lined with embroidered fabric from Coral & Tusk.

SHOP NOW: St. Charles Collection Pacific Highboy by VOLK x Coral & Tusk

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