21 Rooms That Will Make You Break the 6th Deadly Sin

Design for a good cause? We’re in! And we were lucky enough to step inside the 42nd Annual Decorator Show House whose 21 lustworthy, high-design rooms benefit the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club. If you’re not in the NYC area, here’s your chance to gawk at these gorgeous rooms…just make sure to pick up your jaw off the floor upon leaving.

Timothy Bell
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Room 9

Using reflective mirrors, plush seating and deco-inspired patterns with a modern twist, Carrier and Company Interiors Ltd created a chic sitting room that’s made for any urban glamourpuss.
Timothy Bell
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Room 10: Lady Penelope’s Dressing Room

The lavish Rolls Royce of a closet, designer Christopher Peacock said, “A woman’s dressing room should be totally glamorous, opulent and girly…” Using high gloss pink cabinetry and ‘60s-esque floor and wall coverings, Peacock did a little, well, peacocking of his own by adding 24-karat gold hardware as the finishing touches.
Timothy Bell
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Room 8: Some Like It Hot

This room designed by Cullman & Kravis Inc. is all about layering on the sophisticated sex appeal. Glossy photographs of artistically objectified body objects, tons of crystal accents (take a look at that fireplace!) and walls papered in rose-gold create a melting pot of design that will literally melt you.
Timothy Bell
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Room 11: tête-à-tête

Design firm, ODADA turned this large hall-like room into a cool combination of old school / new school with it’s mix of modern art, crisp white, dark woods and classical trims.
Timothy Bell
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Room 14: Studiolo

The design duo of Villalobos Desio transformed a petite nook into a cozy and curious cabinet rich in texture (leather panels and silk walls!), modern-deco furniture and charming elements such as an arctic fox and crystal skull.
Timothy Bell
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Room 20: A Gentleman’s Study

“Without a client, I thought I’d be indulgent, and design a room for myself,” states designer, Markham Roberts about his gentleman’s study that is all things luxurious. Between the zebra carpet, peacock blue jewel tones and gold trimmings, this is one den that gives you a giant, well-designed, hug who’s arms you never want to leave.
Timothy Bell
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Room 6: Grand Staircase

Trust us when we say that John Douglas Eason has a memorable look and personality, which effortlessly translates into his interior design work. Taking over the grand staircase of the Kips Bay mansion, Eason used hand-painted walls, mirrors galore and art with an edge (hello, slightly creepy Madonna sculpture!) for a space that is nothing less than grandiose.
Timothy Bell
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Room 21

Classic antiquities meet with modern forms, showing us that Darryl Carter Design has quite the skills when it comes to adding a little touch of humor to tradition. We suggest stealing his idea of paint-swiped portraits if you're looking for an offbeat way to update your family's own (read: that aunt that never stops blabbing).
Timothy Bell
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Room 22: The Lady’s Lair

Gideon Mendelson of Mendelson Group, Inc. says of his lady’s lair, “I designed it for a woman who has a high-powered job by day but is still feminine -- she’s a handsome woman.” Between the blue suede walls we couldn't stop touching, dreamy midcentury furniture and elements of humor (the doormat was made of black-lacquered Barbie dolls), this is one lady den we’d be thrilled to call our own.
Timothy Bell
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Room 5: Study in Red

“Red evokes royal interiors, ecclesiastical vicarages, brothels and Diana Vreeland’s Garden in Hell,” states architect William T. Georgis. Bold, sumptuous, gorgeous and a little grotesque, this study has a particular wow-worthy look that’s like nothing before.
Timothy Bell
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Room 2: A Study in Contrast

Have you ever seen a sculptural fireplace slash chair? In steel? That’s just what the design duo behind Ingrao Inc. installed when they crafted this room of traditional earth tones with custom pieces of powerful modern art by way of an enormous fireplace and chandelier.
Timothy Bell
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Room 7: Gallery of Curiosities: Bringing Brooklyn to Manhattan

Incorporating the dark wooden walls of their hallway, Meyer Davis Studio Inc. gave this 19th-century mansion a modern facelift with oceanic life-size 3-D sculptures, mixed metal chandeliers and a photograph that screams edgy.
Timothy Bell
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Room 19: Office and Sitting Room

Luxe, luxe, luxe! Kirsten Kelli, LLC designed a golden room with numerous pops of Matisse-inspired color for one retreat that would make any artaholic envious.
Timothy Bell
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Room 17: Siting Room Folly

Starting with Mudéjar tiles, Alexa Hampton of Mark Hampton LLC, added equal parts whimsy and decadence with playful pops of color and mixed textures for an East-meets-West vibe.
Timothy Bell
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Room 3: Hollyhock Lounge

Using fabric wall coverings, a custom sisal rug and gold accents, Young Huh transforms these typically public spaces (a corridor and bathroom) into cozy and private areas that blooms with utter warmth and softness.
Timothy Bell
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Room 18

Using Gregorius Pineo's Moraga Bed as inspiration, Edward Lorbano Interior Design, Inc. layered on ethnic textures and patterns, all done in earth tones for a new take on the traditional bedroom.
Timothy Bell
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Room 4: Entryway

Award-winning Los Angeles-based designer, Martyn Lawrence Bullard went for Old World glamour with an Italian Palazzo detailing. A classic checkerboard floor stages a space that’s filled with timeless furniture and surrealist artwork.
Timothy Bell
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Room 12

Vincent Wolf is trying to make you hungry for did you know that orangey-reds increase your appetite? Layering midcentury and modern, Wolf build an area that’s desirable for delighting in dinner.
Timothy Bell
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Room 15: Stairwell

Decorative painting expert, Robin Sacks turned an ordinary back-of-the-house staircase into an ombré experience by using clever geometric painting angles and shades of grey.
Timothy Bell
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Room 16: Salon

The halls of the Kips Bay mansion were not overlooked thanks to the efforts of SPAN Architecture. Contemporary photographs, golden lights, custom fugs and copper-lined seating created a gallery-like space that is an experience of its own.
Timothy Bay
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Room 1: Untitled

Opting for a minimalist mix of a low couch with a stately crystal chandelier, Juan Montoya Design created a pensive juxtaposition with a touch of play.

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