We’re Kind of Obsessed With Kate Bosworth’s Rustic Newlywed Pad

Kate Bosworth has never made a gown misstep on the red carpet, so we’re not surprised that her newlywed pad is equally gorgeous. Her home in the Hollywood Hills that she shares with husband Michael Polish is on the market for $2.499 million, and we’ve got to say, Kate’s rustic and vintage decorating style is so spot on.

The three-bedroom, two-bedroom home is simplistic and fresh, complete with LA canyon views and an open floor plan. We’re not sure where the couple is settling next, but their new pad needs to be as equally charming and laid-back as this one:

Photo Courtesy of Redfin
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Newlyweds plus glam equals a secluded ranch-style home tucked away in the Hollywood Hills.
Photo Courtesy of Redfin
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Dining Room

We can imagine Kate throwing lots of stylish dinner parties here.
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Living Room

While we don't exactly think that Kate chopped all of that firewood herself, we love the woodsy element it brings to the room. Also, love the horse.
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These immaculately decorated bookshelves open her office up.
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A lap pool shaded with bamboo is awesomely chic.
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What's more gorgeous than a bedroom opening up into the patio?


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