Could These TV Characters Really Afford Their Ridiculously Huge Homes?

Most Friends fans love Monica Geller’s ’90s-chic apartment, but hate the fact that Monica and Rachel Green were two struggling twentysomethings when the show started and only paid $200 in rent. For a two-bedroom and two-bathroom apartment in NYC’s Greenwich Village, $200 rent is laugh-’til-it-hurts funny these days, which is why we love real estate site Movato’s awesome study on which TV sitcom characters could actually afford their huge apartments and houses.

Using their rule of thumb that 30 percent of your monthly income is appropriate for a monthly rent or mortgage payment, the site determined what the character’s current income and rent or mortgage payment would be and whether or not they could afford their pad.

Based on the calculations, I think Full House fans will be pretty surprised that nine people (and one dog) sharing a gigantic Victorian home isn’t the smartest financial choice.


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Rachel and Monica's income is $9,300 and their rent is $5,000, so their percentage of income is 54 percent. Consensus says no way!
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'Mad Men'

Don Draper's income is $12,750 and his rent is $4,500, so his percentage of income is 35 percent. Consensus says he's close, so yes.
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'The Mindy Project'

Mindy Lahiri's income is $24,600 and her rent is $7,500, so her percentage of income is 30 percent. Consensus says yes to this financially-savvy woman!
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'Full House'

Danny Tanner's income is $8,000 and his mortgage is $10,600, so his percentage of income is 133 percent. Consensus says no way -- and even if Uncle Jesse, Joey and Aunt Becky chipped in, the percentage of income would still be over 30 percent.
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'New Girl'

Jess Day, Nick Miller, Winston Bishop and Schmidt's income is $13,100 and their rent is $4,600 per month, so their percentage of income is 35 percent. Consensus says almost, so yes! But maybe they can make room for a fifth roommate anyway.

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