How Editor Celebrated Her First Anniversary

The Nest Editor Wedding Pic Times Square Photo: Courtesy of Lina Jang Photography

It didn’t start with my husband Joe and I taking a bite out of the top tier of our wedding cake — I can tell you that. I never saved it. The box it was in actually fell on the ground when we were leaving the reception on our wedding night. But we didn’t care … we were planning on eating it the next day anyway. Save cake for a year? Me? Sweets don’t last that long in my house, and I live in an apartment in Manhattan, which means if I saved it, it would take up too much of my square footage. Nope, never was an option for us.

But when Joe asked what we would be doing for our first anniversary, the question stopped me in my tracks. I had been so busy that I had almost forgotten it was coming up. Me, The Nest editor! I’m always about celebrating big moments in a big way. But in the 9 years my husband and I were together before we got married, I never asked him for flowers or jewelry. (I’m serious, but ladies, for those of you who love these things, ask away!) Even my engagement ring wasn’t a big diamond — my grandmother had given us her own ring that my grandfather had given her 59 years ago. So our first anniversary wasn’t going to be any different. We celebrated it in true Porretta-Scarpulla style. (Yep, I didn’t change my last name either.)

Usually, when we honor some milestone, it goes something like this: I walk in the house and announce I’m booking a trip, and I tell Joe we’re going away in about two weeks. Delay gratification? Oh, no. I’m not made that way. This time, though, we couldn’t fit in a vacation, but of course we still decided to go YOLO, which for us means when we don’t go on a trip, we spend a ridiculous amount of disposable income we don’t have on a totally indulgent dinner. So off we went to Gramercy Tavern in NYC. We’ve eaten there only once before, but this time, we chose the most expensive selection we could — the tasting menu with six courses of goodness, and we cleared every plate.

Our wedding last year on April 7th was the same — dish after dish, drink after drink. It only seemed right to enjoy our first anniversary in the same way, savoring and being present in every split second together. For our wedding, it didn’t matter that we didn’t travel to a destination like I had originally pictured we would on some breathtakingly beautiful Italian coastal spot. In the end, getting married in the city where we had met, have been building a life together, and where most of our family and friends lived and could attend, meant the most to us. And naturally, we didn’t miss the opportunity then to YOLO our wedding photos by heading to the center of Times Square at 1 a.m. after our reception to take pictures in the heart of the city where we fell in love.

TELL US: How do you plan on celebrating your first anniversary? Or how did you celebrate it?


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