Best April Fools’ Day Pranks to Pull Off Today

april fools day pranks Photo: Thinkstock

In this day and age of fake Facebook engagements and Twitter pranks, it’s hard to properly execute an April Fools’ Day joke with everyone’s guard up. However, people don’t usually suspect that they’ll be a victim of a prank in their own home — or more specifically, their own bathroom. Keep scrolling for easy prank ideas that require little effort — and maybe a broom.

1. Place a ton of mini-marshmallows on the top of a ceiling fan’s blades and wait for anyone to turn it on — just make sure you don’t end up pulling a fast one on yourself.

2. Fill your target’s car with colorful balloons. It may take a little huffing and puffing, but it’ll be worth it for a great Instagram photo.

3. Place a huge bow on your spouse’s car in the driveway, and at first glance, it’ll seem like you bought them a new ride.

4. Fill your target’s bathroom soap dispenser with another gooey substance, like shampoo or syrup. What, they don’t like maple-scented hands?

5. Adding a few drops of food coloring underneath your target’s cereal will make for a lovely green milk surprise.

6. As played out as it sounds, the good ol’ “switching sugar for salt” joke never gets old.

7. When your target’s cell phone is laying around, playing this prank is easily the cruelest for 21st century victims: Switch their background to an image of cracked glass.

8. If you want to show a little more mercy, just switch their cell phone settings to another language.

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