The Best of Birch Lane

Pottery Barn just got a new competitor — home furnishing retailer, Birch Lane, launched today and is bringing classic décor and traditional tailoring into your home. From creamy whites to luscious yellows and cool blues, the color palette is both relaxing and timeless while the materials used are kept casually natural.

Courtesy of Birch Lane
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Ivory Dreams

Set the stage for a perfect night’s sleep with this upholstered bed frame featuring brass nail heads. Take a design tip and create a simple reading space in your bedroom with a corner-placed chair.
Courtesy of Birch Lane
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Rusted to Perfection

Transform the aesthetic of an all-neutral room with accents of muted red for pops of color without going overboard.
Courtesy of Birch Lane
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Porch Chat

As the weather warms, it’s time to take your morning coffee (or evening glass of wine) outdoors. Take cues from our new retailer and bring plush pillows, typically saved for indoor use, to your porch bench for the upmost comfort. Woven baskets create nifty organizational tools for miscellaneous items.
Courtesy of Birch Lane
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Dine In

Dining with loved ones should be an enjoyable part of your day and this traditional-style dining table will make setting a beautiful meal an effortless affair.
Courtesy of Birch Lane
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A Blue Clue

Elegant and ageless, this white and pale blue room is tranquil and primed for relaxation. Check out more from