Why You and Your Partner Should #GetCovered This Weekend

health insurance coverage 2014 Photo: Thinkstock

Sure, you and your partner talk about everything — from House of Cards recaps to how you really feel about your sister-in-law. But how often do you two discuss what’s most important…your health? TheNest.com and our sister sites TheBump.com and TheKnot.com have partnered up with The White House to raise awareness about the health care coverage deadline that’s only six days away. (Read Michelle Obama’s letter to The Bump readers here #exciting!)

Not covered? It’s not too late! You have until March 31st to sign up on Healthcare.gov. Simply go to the site and choose from a range of insurance choices that best fit your needs. It’s super-easy and takes less time than you would think. Plus, once you’re finished you can easily spread the word. Everyone from your freelance friends to your co-workers could use a reminder that there’s still time to enroll for quality health insurance!


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