Lauren Conrad Reveals Her Secrets to Successfully Living with Her Fiance

Photo: Posh 24

Photo: Posh 24

Fashion designer and former reality star Lauren Conrad has never been one to kiss and tell after leaving The Hills, but she will talk about how her relationship relates to her new home and her bedroom. In Allure‘s April issue, Lauren discussed how moving in with her fiance William Tell has impacted her once-feminine decor choices.

“If it was up to me, my home would be just over-the-top girlie and vintage, but I share my home with a gentleman now,” she said. Men generally tend to not love floral bedspreads, so compromise is good.

Lauren also shared that best advice she gained from her mother about living with a man is that she always needs her own room. We agree — whether it’s a guest room, office, or “woman cave,” having a room for yourself is important. However, the bedroom she shares with William is for two things only, since she’s trying not to do work in her bed anymore. “Your bed is for sleep and sex,” Lauren stated, also adding that the style of their bedroom is “very calm.”

We won’t be seeing her immaculately decorated bedroom anytime soon, though, since any peek into Lauren’s personal home life is off-limits after years of being followed by a camera.

“People were in my bedroom. You have to represent yourself well no matter what you do,” Lauren said. Looking at her five fashion and lifestyle-related businesses, we think she’s representing herself just fine (and will hopefully give us a peep of her home’s interior decor one day!).

What do you think of Lauren’s advice? Is it acceptable to have a separate room just for you?

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