New Housewares Will Add Color to How You Eat, Drink & Cook

We just returned from the International Housewares Show in Chicago and after taking in thousands of new products, we’re comfortable saying that we have a colorful year ahead of us. Ideal for Millennials setting up their new abodes, these new releases from trusted housewares brands are creating multifunctional, lively home must-haves.

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For the well-known beverage company’s 70th anniversary, a limited edition collection was created using colorblocked Pantone colors for ultimate pop. From coffee makers to teapots, travel mugs and glassware, this classic brand is creating a stir with covetable colors. The commemorative collection will be available in stores through the end of the year.

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Utilizing a dual filtration system, the new Relay water jugs come in jewel-tone colors, fit perfectly into a compact fridge and come with measurements, so you know that you’re reaching your recommended daily consumption of crystal-clear water. The best part? Not only does its unique filtration work ten times faster, it also omits those pesky little charcoal specks you often find with competitor’s products.

SHOP NOW: Relay, $37,
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Known for their sleek teapots, Chantal has released the Memory Collection -- an all-aubergene-hued set of teapots, mugs and bakeware not only adds a dark color palette to your kitchen, it gives back as a percentage of all sales are donated to the Alzheimer’s Association. Now we think that’s a win-win.

SHOP NOW: Memory Collection, from $8,
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CW by Corningware

Corningware’s newest assortment packs a punch with their, well, punchy colors. With names like, Twilight, Pool, Vermilion and Curry, this 4-piece casserole set is affordable and can go from oven to table for vibrant entertaining.

SHOP NOW: CW by Corningware 4 piece casserole set, $50,
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Hailing from Texas, this innovative company has been creating space-saving products for years, such as a collapsible salad spinner and an over-the-sink cutting board with colander. However, this year, we were bowled over by the release of their pet collection, which features folding and height-adjustable feeders for your furry friend, making travel just that much easier.

SHOP NOW: Adjustable pet feeder, $45,
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Emile Henry

Take a cloche, well, close look at this classic red bread cloche from the French ceramics manufacturer. Founded in 1850, this Burgundy-based company is taking bread baking back to the good old days with their ceramic bakeware that creates the perfect loaf of bread and baguettes, respectively.

SHOP NOW: Ceramic bread cloche, $130,
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The eco-friendly, Minnesota-based kitchen company has branched out from their wooden cutting boards by sending a pink little piggy (and other farm animals) to market. Made from recycled poly, these shapely boards are environmentally responsible, knife friendly and dishwasher safe, for easy clean up. While the poly animal shapes will be released later in the year, you can pick up the wood fiber versions today.

SHOP NOW: Cutting boards, from $12,
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George Foreman

Perfect for a hungry couple at home who’s short on time, the new super compact, George Foreman creates two burgers in only 5-minutes. Not only does it cook the meat to your requested temperature, it also has a second tier for toasting buns. Available in June, this will become your go-to for summer grilling when you don’t have time to go outside.

SHOP NOW: Five Minute Burger Grill, $30, (Available in June)
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Joseph Joseph

The colorful designer kitchenware line, hailing from London, has released the Nest storage system, which is uber-friendly to small kitchens and ideal for those seeking order. Containing six different sizes of containers for all your storing needs, they have color-coded lids for speedy pairing, while they all snap into each other, so you can save up that precious cupboard space.

SHOP NOW: Nest Storage set, $35,
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The caffeine-dispensing favorite has released their pint-sized brewing system in Pantone’s hottest colors: Radiant Orchid, Bayberry and Poinciana. Ideal for smaller kitchens short on counter space, this small appliance will brew up a hot cup of joe at the touch of a button while showing your guests that you’re keen on color trends.

SHOP NOW: K10 Mini Plus Brewing System, $100,
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Turn your kitchen into a playful foodie laboratory with this colorful set of nesting measuring beakers. While the company is growing their 4-piece set to 7-pieces, this expanded version will become available in July.

SHOP NOW: 4 piece measuring beaker set, $10,
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Designed to be easy-to-use, safe and highly functional, this collection of colorful kitchen gadgets takes the cake as they’ve partnered with Why Hunger to provide nourishing meals with a percentage of their sales. From ingenious basting brushes that stand on their own so your counter stays clean, to multi-functional bottle and can openers to an 11-piece measuring, prep and mix set, these affordable finds will add function and color into your daily culinary needs.

SHOP NOW: Various products, from $4,
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It’s time to get happy with Riedel’s delicately-colored stemless wine glasses that will make a lively addition to your dinner table. Ideal for springtime, these pink, green, blue and yellow pieces resemble chic Easter eggs that you can drink out of.

SHOP NOW: Happy “O” Giftset, $69,
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Who says colorful kitchen items can’t be sleek? The newest designs from Savora are proving that bold color, high design and exceptional functionality can go together. Featuring pizza cutters, garlic presses, cheese graters and the sleekest of ice cream scoops, this collection will transform your kitchen.

SHOP NOW: Various products, from $10,
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Ready, set, carbonate! Launching May 1, SodaStream’s latest device, the PLAY, will add an array of colors to your countertop while providing you with bubbly delights. Coming in white, black, red and blue, you’ll also be able to colorblock and customize your own machine.

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There’s no denying that ice cream is a fan favorite and with this set of colorful BPA-free tubs, you’ll be able to create homemade treats and save them in style, so they will last and last.

SHOP NOW: Sweet Treats Tub, (Launching later this Spring)
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Featuring the latest in vacuum sealing for exceptionally long lasting temperature insulation, the Japanese company is the hottest (not to mention sleekest!) in food containers. From slim thermoses to compact food jars, this company’s stainless steel products come in every color under the sun, not to mention it receives our stamp of approval for the must-try brand you’ll use every day.

SHOP NOW: Stainless Steel food jar and travel mug, from $30, Zojirushi,

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