Gisele and Tom Brady’s Mansion is Listed for an Absurd Amount of Money

Ahhh… just one more reason to be envious of Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen. Not only are they basically the most beautiful couple to ever walk the planet; but the duo has a mansion to match…and now it’s on the market. Tom and Gisele’s L.A estate (that includes a moat, natch) is currently listed at $50 million dollars. Yes…that’s a five and a zero.

The NFL quarterback and supermodel bought the 14,000 square-foot home (in the gated Brentwood Country Estates) in 2008 for a mere $11.75 million. After finishing renovations just last year, the couple could stand to make roughly $27 million from flipping the estate alone. So what makes this place so special anyway (besides a waterfall and an infinity pool)?

Photo: MLS
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The Backyard

Seriously -- if you had this view, how could you ever stay inside?
Photo: MLS
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The Pool Lounge

Choosing between a lounge chair in the sun or a cushy sofa in the shade must be difficult.
Photo: MLS
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The Moat

A moat built for a princess (or a model, same diff).
Photo: MLS
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The Bathroom

Easy to say this bathroom is probably the size of an average home.
Photo: MLS
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The Gym

Why trek to an exercise class when you have room to bring the class to you?

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