8 Ways to Get in the Christmas Spirit This Season

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With Christmas only a week away, if you’re not yet in the holiday spirit — now is definitely a good time to start. Nesties shared with us what helps them avoid a bad case of the “bah humbugs”:

“A trip to see The Nutcracker, followed up with warm drinks from Starbucks and a ride home with Charie Brown Christmas playing … The influx of snow showers helps too. But I’m worried about this weekend heat wave coming and leaving us with a blah brown and wet Christmas Day.” — AmandaJLewis

“Definitely snow flurries and snow on the ground puts me in the holiday spirit!” — BethieB

“I felt the Christmas spirit this past week. Friday was my son’s Christmas show at school and Saturday we did a lunch with Santa. The kids have been on their best behavior since then (thanks, Santa!) and they’re getting more and more excited each day about Christmas.” – egpitt22

“I love seeing all of the houses decorated, listening to Christmas music, wrapping presents. Really, everything about this time of year puts me in the spirit.” — Meghan&Rich

“I’m not much in the spirit. It just doesn’t seem possible it’s a week away! Watching Christmas movies with my daughter is helping. I think maybe once I’m done with work this week and start my time off I’ll be more in the spirit.” — Luckystar2

“My mom and I took the girls to the Nutcracker this past weekend and it was amazing to see their little eyes light up. Also watching old holiday movies. Holiday Affair, White Christmas, Christmas in Connecticut. I’m a sucker for old movies.” – lala5507

“I’m close to being in the spirit. I think watching Miracle on 34th Street this weekend will push me all the way into the holiday frame of mind.” — MrsAmers

“I really don’t have problems getting into the Christmas spirit. I love baking, wrapping, snow, Christmas music, movies and books, trudging through the cold and snow to pick out a tree. The key for me is avoiding or minimizing things that kill holiday spirit.” — amyjoy18 

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