6 Tips for Keeping His Holiday Gift a Secret

holiday gifts

It’s officially Christmas crunch-time. So while you’re busy buying, wrapping and hiding gifts, you also have to worry about keeping your partner’s present top-secret. Unfortunately, that’s tough to do when you both share a bedroom and a bank account. Keep things under-wraps with these tips from Nesties on keeping gifts a surprise until Christmas morning!

“We each have a credit card that is in our separate names. Those are specifically used for gifts and surprises!” – brij2006

“We both shopped on Amazon for Christmas this year. So [the gifts you buy] can be practically anything and it just comes up as Amazon [on your credit card bill]. We also agreed to talk about each time we spent money so the other wouldn’t have to check the bank statement thoroughly to see where [the money] went.” – alyssaames

“Unless you tell your spouse ‘either buy me this from store X or this from store Y’ you have no way of knowing what it is just because a store name appears on a credit card statement. Even if it says ‘Sephora’ I wouldn’t know if he got me make up (I sincerely hope not), perfume, or some nice lotions. If you’re still worried that he/she would figure it out, you can agree to make Christmas purchases for him/her on one card and you can make purchase on another.” – hoffse

“I use my credit card and then pay it off with money I have in a separate account. I’m pretty sure my husband uses cash for my gifts, although I already know he got me a Coach wallet.” – vlagrl29

“We have a joint account and we take out cash for each other’s presents.” — vpine

“We tend to use cash for just about everything, so it was cash this year for gifts. That way you don’t know where it is coming from… I did add a couple of shirts [for my husband] to my Black Friday shopping, so even though those went on the card he thinks it was just sheets and whatever else I bought that day.” – Vikingsfan71713

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