Real Couple: Brian and Claudia

the nest real couples Photo: The Nest

You and your partner may be great at keeping your personal lives hush-hush; but no one can keep a secret quite like this Boston couple:

Status: Married October 20, 2012

Gripes: She hates making plans; he won’t turn off NFL RedZone on game day.

Unwind Time: Relaxing at home with wine and a good movie

Hobbies: Hiking, skiing, snorkeling and plenty of football games.

Guilty Pleasures: She’s a chocolate fiend; he can’t get enough pizza.

What Others Don’t Know: They eloped three years in without telling a single person!

Nicknames: “Lulu” and “Bubba.” “We sing songs to each other in public — we have no shame!”

Relationship Rule: “No matter what, let’s just love each other.”

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