How Much Do You Spend During the Holidays?

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Photo: Mark Lund / The Nest

Everyone calls it the most wonderful time of the year, which could possibly be why so many of us go a little bit overboard with all of our shopping and decorating. Nesties revealed how much they budget for the holidays and how much they ultimately end up spending:

“I average around $300-400. I build up a savings during the year that I use to buy all the gifts with. I keep costs down by starting my shopping early and always searching clearance and sales racks.” – sgautschi

“We put away $80 a month, so I guess that works out to $960… I have a separate budget though for my husband.” – LooneyLife

“I think we end up somewhere around $750.” – Iwalktheline

“I buy for my parents, sister, brother-in-law four nieces and one nephew. I probably spend $50-60 on each of them. My husband buys for his niece and nephew… And on my husband’s side of the family, we do a drawing among the adults, so we each just buy for one and that’s about $50-75.” – nfp147

“Is it terrible that I have no idea how much I spend? The only reason I don’t know is because I buy things all year long, so I don’t really keep track. I guess it’s all just part of my normal shopping budget.” – Mustard76

“I put a budget of $250 on it this year… We are trying to save as much as possible for our down payment [on our house].” – sparklingdiamond

“We usually end up spending about $300-400. The last couple of years we’ve agreed with our siblings not to exchange [gifts] which helps all of us keep the costs down.” – Xan921

“Our budget is $500… Gift exchanges make it so much easier to shop.” – Mrads

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