11 Ecards That Perfectly Describe Your Holiday Season

Dreading office party small talk? Planning to regift that hideous sweater from your Aunt Beth? Luckily, there’s an ecard for that. These 11 holiday cards remind us that our inner Scrooge does, in fact, exist (and he’s hilarious).

someecards.com - I'm flattered you actually think I can afford the things on your holiday wish list.

someecards.com - The office holiday party is a great place to meet everyone you've been emailing from 10 feet away.

someecards.com - Your gift will be arriving late or never

someecards.com - Christmas shopping for you has made me realize that I know absolutely nothing about you.

someecards.com - The quality of your Christmas gifts makes me wish Santa was real

someecards.com - My favorite winter activity is going back inside.

someecards.com - This is my favorite time of year to be childless

someecards.com - Sending paperless Christmas cards is a great way to feel better about the murdered tree in your living room

someecards.com - I just saved a ton of money on Christmas presents by discussing politics on Facebook.

someecards.com - I hope you like this present better than I did when I received it.

someecards.com - A holiday miracle would be still fitting into my clothes after the holidays.

Which ecard perfectly describes your holidays this year?

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