Real Couple: Alex and Jesse

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Whether it’s honey, baby, sweetheart or some cheesy combination of the three; we’re betting your pet name for your partner doesn’t even compare to this couple’s…

Status: Married May 22, 2010

How They Met: They started dating after studying abroad together in Austria.

Baby Clock: They welcomed their first, son Turner Jack, last October.

Gripes: She asks for his advice and then does the total opposite; he leaves his dirty clothes all over their apartment.

Unwind Time: Movie dates and music: “We’re obsessed with Coldplay!”

Opposites Attract: Alex is a self-proclaimed “city boy,” while Jesse was raised by ranchers in South Texas.

Nicknames: Alex calls her “Booty”; Jesse refers to him as “Sassy.”

Relationship Rule: They tell each other everything. Jesse says, “He couldn’t keep a secret from me to save his life!”

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