Buzz From The Boards: “How I Met My Husband”

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Who doesn’t love a good love story? Whether it’s funny or romantic, we could never turn down hearing about how a happily married couple got to where they are today. Nesties shared with us how they met their husbands (be sure to share with us your story in the comments below!)

“I met mine at a town festival. All my friends had dates and I had just been dumped the month before and was sad and complaining to my friends that I would “die alone” and never meet anyone. (Yes, I am a drama queen.) I was up by the band dancing with my friends when all the sudden my Dad drags this really hot guy up to me. My dad says to this guy, ‘This is my daughter you should date her.’ I at the time I was mortified because it is very embarrassing to have your dad drag a handsome stranger up to you and tell him to date you. Anyway we danced the night away. He asked me for my number, called me the next day and we have been together ever since. That’s how I met my husband.” – MrsChanceW

“My husband and I are both DJs. One day, my booking agent from Belgium called me saying that he had a gig for me in Paris and asked if I was free on the date proposed by the promoted. I said yes, and my agent told me that my husband was also booked for that same weekend. She then said, ‘you know him, right? He’s from NYC too.’ I knew who my husband was from seeing his name around, but never met him surprisingly because of what we do. So we went to Paris together and the rest was, as they say, history… We have been together for 10 years though and I remember this like it was yesterday.” – R.Wilsonny

“ We even gave out matchbooks at our reception that had our names and wedding date and the phrase ‘a perfect match’.” – WendyGR

“We were both working at this huge shopping outlet mall in our area. I worked in Maidenform and he worked for a little bistro across the way that all the girls used to get lunch at. Apparently he had spotted me before and told the guy he worked with about me so then next time I came in, his friend said, ‘hey this is my friend J, have you met him?’ From there we struck up a conversation and we’ve been together 13 years now.” – chrisnjay05212010

“My husband and I both lived on campus. I was restless one night and went for a walk around 2 a.m. When I got to the end of ‘dorm row’ I found a large group of students playing some bizarre game they called Ninja. They taught me how to play and I jumped in. I played for a few hours but wasn’t very good. When you were eliminated you had to sit on the stoop. My husband stayed on the stoop with me and chatted me up. They called themselves the stoop kids. They had a Facebook group and everything. After coming by the next few nights to play I asked my husband to add me to the [Facebook] group. He refused because I hadn’t been hanging around long enough. I say it was his way of making sure I would keep coming back. He says it was strictly business. 4 years later we got married!” – DaBearsWife

“We met at church. Well, technically we met at a BBQ joint after church. We were both in the singles group at our church. One day we all decided to go eat BBQ for lunch. I remember walking in the door and saw him sitting there with some other guys from our group (I had never seen him before this point). It wasn’t love at first sight, but I do remember him smiling and laughing and I sat across the table from him because I got a ‘nice guy’ vibe from him.” – Disneygeek77

“When I was little my parents took me up to South Dakota, we lived in Colorado, to meet all the family and family friends. My husband’s parents are good friends with my parents. According to his mom, my husband was fascinated with my red hair and wouldn’t leave me alone so I hit him with a toy train. 18 years of being best friends and 3 years of dating later we’re married.” – Lilyrose4242

“First day of Junior year art class. I ended up sitting in one of two open seats left. It happened to be across from my husband. Our eyes met. He made me laugh and that was all it took. 12 years later we’re still crazy about each other.” – erollis

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