Real Couple: Shaun and Lindsay

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Photo: The Nest

When it comes to relationship advice, what works for some may not, in fact, work for others. (Remember that rule about the cow and the milk? My point exactly.) Luckily, newlyweds Shaun and Lindsay have a no-fail relationship rule that all couples could learn from:

Status: Married August 11, 2012

How They Met: At a Greek mixer at the University of Texas

World Travelers: They spent part of their honeymoon in Paris. “We picked up some cheese, a baguette and champagne and enjoyed a romantic picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower!”

Pets: Their English bulldog, Trudy, was the ring bearer at their wedding!

In 10 Years They’ll Be: The proud parents of one or two kids and owners of a lake house.

Relationship Rule: “Don’t take this life or each other too seriously.”

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