Buzz From The Boards: Who Pays The Bills?

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The talk of money seems to be a very private subject for most couples. But we got the scoop from these Nesties on joint bank accounts and who pays the bills. Everyone has a different system that works for them:

“Although we are trying to take a ‘team’ approach to our finances, we have separate accounts… We split joint bills the same way we did pre-marriage, and it works out pretty even…” – Xstatic3333

“I do it all, otherwise my husband would forget. We never fight about it, but he also doesn’t spend crazy [amounts of money] and I don’t either… If we ever have a big, unexpected expense I remind him how to save money.” – Mom987

“My husband makes a little more than double of what I make and we have separate accounts. I do the actual ‘paying’ of the bills but our mortgage and utilities all come out of his account. Once money is taken out for retirement and any other monthly expenses we go ahead and let the rest of his paycheck be ‘fun money’.” – SURFERxGIRL

“I pay all of the bills. My husband is so unorganized I don’t trust him. We don’t fight at all about money, it all goes in the joint [account] and we have a savings as well. We both think the same way about money so it’s pretty easy.” – vlagrl29

“I’m an accountant, we have a joint account but we agreed for me to handle making the payments (he’s a spender). My husband has a specific amount he can spend every 2 weeks (call it an allowance or whatever, I don’t care) and the rest of the funds available are for savings.” – vpine

“We have separate checking accounts and a joint savings account. I set up all of the bills for both of us and have 2 excel spreadsheets to keep track of things. I pay the mortgage, utilities, cell phone and my credit cards. My husband pays for daycare and his credit cards…” – cbee817

“I pay all of out of our joint checking account. I work at our bank, so it’s much easier for me to do it. Every so often, we sit down and go over our finances and budget. He trusts me to take care of everything, and honestly, I prefer it that way. We talk about large purchases before we make them. We’re on the same page when it comes to our finances, which is why this works for us.” – YellowTulips521

“My wife and I have our own accounts with some shared accounts for emergencies, vacations, gifts, etc. I transfer money to my wife’s account for helping with the mortgage and child care. We sit down at least once a month to go over our budget and we keep each other informed on major bills or expenses coming up. If we are buying something over $100 or having to take money from one of our joint accounts we talk to each other to make sure that we can afford to do it.” – Wulfgar

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